Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Percy Jackson's costume for World Book Day

World Book Day ideas, Chez Maximka

We don't go for elaborate creations for World Book Day, it's typically a t-shirt with our favourite book characters.
Two years ago, I made a Wimpy Kid costume for Eddie, using fabric pens on a plain white t-shirt. Last year Eddie's outfit was inspired by the wonderful series called The Raven Mysteries by Marcus Sedgwick. And again, I used fabric pens to draw Edgar the Raven.

Until a few days ago we were quite unsure what to choose as this year's theme. Luckily, on my weekly trip to one of the local charity shops I spotted an American edition of Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Ultimate Guide, with colourful illustrations, maps and cards. All children's books in that shop are sold at 10p per book.
We looked at Percy Jackson's image, and I thought: I could easily copy that outfit.

World Book Day costume ideas

We found an orange t-shirt in M&Co (annoyingly, in a pack of 3, not on its own), and I ordered a pack of Tulip Slick 3-dimensional fabric paints online.
In the old days of my papercrafting blog I used a lot of Tulip paints. In fact, one of my cards even won me a major prize of a big stash of fabric paints, which lasted me a few years, and which I worked with extensively. Tulip 3-d paints come in a huge variety of colours, including glitter and metallic ones which look great on fabrics.

3-d paints, Chez Maximka

The illustration above was our basis for the outfit. I have copied an image of a running horse from a book Draw 50 horses (another bargain from the same charity shop) on a piece of paper and cut it out.
Using a plain pencil, I have drawn the outline of the horse, and added wings, to create an image of Pegasus.

Then using Tulip 3-d paints, I wrote the name of the camp and drew the winged horse.
Paints take up to 4 hours to dry, and after 72 hours you can even wash the fabric.

Chez Maximka, Tulip 3-d paints, World Book Day costume ideas

My son also asked me to draw a Poseidon's trident on the back.

Chez Maximka, drawing with 3-d paints, Tulip paints

Tomorrow my son will wear this Percy Jackson's t-shirt with jeans and trainers. He will take a sword and a pen with him too. If you know the books, you will understand the importance of the pen.

World Book Day costume ideas, Chez Maximka

Chez Maximka, World Book Day costume ideas

What costume will you child be wearing tomorrow?

Chez Maximka, World Book Day costume ideas


  1. Ahh! That looks fab! Such a simple but brilliant costume.
    There's no more dressing up for my two now they're older. My youngest does have to take her favourite book into school though x

    1. Thank you, Kim, we tend to go for t-shirts, so much easier to decorate.

  2. Simple to make, but a very good idea. I think the T-shirt looks cute.

    1. Thank you, Anca, Eddie was very pleased with the result, especially that no-one else had the same t-shirt.

  3. Wow, that's brilliant. I wish I was artistic - I can't draw a thing ! lol

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, my artistic skills are dormant most of the time. :)