Sunday, 8 March 2020

Photo diary: weeks 9 & 10, project 366

I would like to wish you a Happy International Women's Day! Even if the times are very worrying at the moment, what, with the coronavirus on our doorstep (the first case officially acknowledged at the Oxford University), panic-buying and total uncertainty on what to do.

We had a very poor Internet connection the week before, and I haven't done any blogging. Every time I managed to get online, it would freeze, and get disconnected. And while my iphone is with a different provider, I cannot use it for blogging, and all blogs usually reject any comments I try to post, using it.
Hence today, it's a two-weeks-of-photos' batch.

On the last day of the midterm break we went to Oxford to our favourite Asmolean museum.
As has become our custom, we stop by this ancient Roman bust of a young boy, who looks like Eddie's long-lost twin.

Chez Maximka, Ancient Roman sculpture

On Monday we rehearsed the pancake flipping, and also took a mini-video of Eddie flipping the pancake for the Insta comp run by Fry Light. Sadly, we didn't win.

Chez Maximka

On Tuesday we went to Banbury to check out one of the possible respite places for Sasha. The house itself is more spacious than the local one, but as it's a place for people aged 18+, they don't have the same facilities as the children's homes. And though our son turns 18 this month, it's not that by some magic he suddenly became grown-up and mature. We might visit one more place, in a different town, but as of the next month, we don't have any respite provision, and who knows when it's going to be sorted out.
This is the famous Banbury cross, which I snapped from a car.

Chez Maximka

The day before my birthday Sasha was away for his respite night, and we booked a table at The Fleece for dinner. It was already getting dark, when we were leaving home, and saw the Moon crescent above the rooftops.

Chez Maximka, the Moon crescent

My friend Jen gave me a gorgeous present for my birthday, a 19C teacup and saucer, which belonged to her late Auntie. It's hand-painted and so pretty. I love antique and vintage china, and this lovely set is a great addition to my mismatched collection.

Chez Maximka, 19C china

Eddie is a big fan of Funko Pop toys. We admired this mini-figure of Maximus from Gladiator, but it's too pricey for what it is (ultimately, a plastic tat toy).

We greeted March with apprehension. This month Sasha turns 18, and he will now be with the adult services, both medical and social, and so far it's being frustrating.
He will miss his current respite home, which he loves. I honestly don't know how I'm going to explain to him that he won't be visiting it any longer from April.
And there is so much paperwork to fill in too, it's totally disheartening.

My guys bought me a bottle of Gucci Flora for birthday. Eddie insisted his father and he sniff at all the perfume bottles at Boots until they find the one they like. They did get it right, but I did wince when I saw how much it costs online.

Chez Maximka, floral perfume for women

On the way to school I glanced up only to find this funny-shaped cloud, which looked like a profile of a man with a long nose, who was blowing steam from his lips.

Chez Maximka, West End Witney

A couple of days before the World Book Day I was busy, creating a Percy Jackson's costume for Eddie. I painted a trident on the back with fabric pens, and also wrote "Camp Half-Blood" at the front, with a picture of Pegasus.

Chez Maximka, costume ideas for World Book day, Tulip Slick paints

I have mentioned our local Waterstones many times. Their window displays are always creative, and at times utterly creepy. The window display for The Doll Factory is assembled with a glass bell containing an eyeless doll's head, that is so macabre. You'd inevitably end up in the shop.

The doll factory, Chez Maximka, Waterstones Witney

On the World Book Day they ran a couple of events. We missed the morning session, as it was a school day, but after school there was a meeting with Nicki Thornton, author of The Last Chance hotel. We bought a book and asked the author to sign it for Eddie.

Chez Maximka, Oxfordshire authors

Every spring I admire this Japanese quince in town. The flowers are so beautiful. It's a true sign of spring.

Chez Maximka, spring blossom

Yesterday's shopping at Waitrose showed the darker side of the panic-buying. The aisles of toilet paper are empty, the medicines like nurofen and paracetamol are not available any longer, and don't even start me on the hand sanitisers or any antibacterial wipes.
Just why do the supermarkets not monitor this greedy panic-buying? What will disappear next?

Chez Maximka

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  1. I can't get my head around all the panic-buying. There is none in France at the moment, but I'm kinda thinking I should stock up now, just in case … which is crazy as it's what everyone else is doing, I suppose ! It just seems absolutely pointless ! My three all love Pops too - they're so overpriced though. Love your birthday teacup. Not so keen on the creepy doll though ! And yes, I can definitely see the man in the cloud ! xx

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! Maybe the French are better prepared, and that's why people do not go into the panic mode?

    2. I went shopping today - they've caught up with the panic buying ! No toilet roll, soap, pasta, rice and …. pains au chocolat !! lol

  2. Ugh! So sorry you have had internet problems. Not what you need when you are a blogger.
    hehehe! That Roman bust does look a lot like Eddie.
    Good luck with teh search for somewhere for Sasha. It must be so hard for you and I imagine Sasha going somewhere new.
    Happy belated birthday! That teacup and saucer is beautiful. It is so you!
    Oh my goodness! That Funko Pop toy is expensive, usually they're about £10.
    That is crazy in Waitrose. I managed to get loo rolls delivered with my food shop over the weekend. Phew! x

    1. Thank you, Kim, the search for the respite looks like a long-going project. I don't think we'll have anything in the next few months.

  3. Happy Women's Day!

    That teacup is gorgeous! I love it. What a wonderful gift. Also, your husband and Eddie got a lovely gift too.

    The issue with panic buying is that more people will buy, not because they are scared of being isolated at home, but because they fear a disrupt in the supply system due to other people panic-buying. It's annoying, but what can we do.
    I received an email from Uni about the student, but that person self-isolated as soon as he/she developed symptoms, so the risk in minimum for the rest of the students and staff. At least this week is the last for me before the holidays, and, hopefully by the time we restart it will be over.

    1. Thank you, Anca, the panic-buying only panics even more people into buying what they don't need immediately. It is a chain reaction, sadly.

  4. The panic buying has been insane, I just don't understand people at all. I can't begin to imagine what you're having to cope with with Sasha turning 18, and for him to deal with. Love your presents #366

    1. Thank you, Mary, the coming months will be tough, as there is so much bureaucracy with the change from children's to adult services.

  5. The panic-buying is insane. Love your birthday teacup, it is sweet. ooh yes, I can definitely see the man in the cloud x

  6. This panic buying is so annoying!

    Sorry to hear you have had internet issues. That teacup is lovely and love Gucci perfume.

    Must be so stressful trying to find the respite provision. I hope it gets sorted soon.

    Love the Japanese quince

    1. Thank you, Fozia, the respite provision doesn't look very good at the moment, and I don't know how long it will take to sort out.

  7. Sorry to hear about the situation for Sasha and the respite, it must be a real worry for you. It does seem harsh that there is no leeway at all once a person turns 18. I can totally see the resemblance between Eddie and his Roman 'twin'. The cloud definitely looks like a man too!

    1. Thanks, Sarah, unfortunately, the provision for 18+ is quite different, and the transition is not smooth at all, despite the fact this has been discussed since last summer, we don't have any more respite as of yesterday.

  8. If people did not panic buy there would not be a shortage.
    Oh I hope you fond somewhere for Sacha. Will the 18+ just be respite or daily like school was?
    Happy belated birthday. I am sure you are worth every penny they spent on you

  9. Love the photo of Eddie with the bust of the young boy. Hope you manage to get the respite provision for Sasha sorted out soon. That tea cup and saucer is beautiful, what a wonderful present to receive. I can totally see the man with the long nose blowing away steam in the clouds. The panic buying is crazy isn’t it? #project366

  10. I don't get the panic buying, I would be stocking up on snacks not toilet paper. Love Eddie's doppleganger, how remarkable. When I'm back in the UK I'd be more than happy to help you with Sasha's transition to Adult Services, it's something we have had to do and continue to be involved with./ Also as well as doing this on a personal level it used to be my job to support families through this process.

  11. That creepy head is quite eye catching - I wonder where they find their pieces. I hope you find somewhere suitable for Sasha - you'd think they'd have some crossover places for those in their late teens, early twenties.

  12. Do stay safe. hahahaha cute resemblance of Eddie with the sculpture. Yeah, food like pancakes are hard to flip. The Cross looks amazing. Happy birthday!! I love that tea set and perfume. OMG I can't unsee that cloud now! That's a creepy yet. People are going crazy in hysteria, forgotten that Coronavirus doesn't always come from you

  13. Is the cloud Gru from Despicable me? I admit that I don't see the appeal of the Funko figures. The panic buying is even worse now! #project366