Sunday, 15 March 2020

Photo diary: week 11, project 366

On the outside I try to appear calm, so as not to alarm my kids, but inside I'm a total mess, reeling with panic and anxiety. I imagine all the worst case scenarios, and how my family would cope if anything happens to me. I cannot get sick, who will look after my boys? (Another thought that crosses my mind is - I've got so many books I haven't read yet).
It doesn't help that my elderly in-laws live in Italy, and that my Mum also belongs to the age group which is most affected. I chat to her on the phone every day, but I'm not there to help.

This post nearly didn't happen, as I haven't been taking photos every day but there are enough photos overall to do a weekly post.

Last Sunday my guys were playing football in a very wet garden, when Eddie rushed into the kitchen and told me to go out and look at the rainbow. The sight of the rainbow never ceases to cheer me up.

Chez Maximka, double rainbow

More of the panic-buying drama in the local supermarkets. On top of the loo rolls (an empty aisle where Eddie is reclining), it's impossible to get any long-life dairy milk, pasta is almost all but gone, you cannot find any paracetamol or analgin, and of course, all hand sanitisers are as rare as unicorns these days.

Chez Maximka

The only photo I've taken on Monday was that of a rug I wanted to buy for Sasha's room. I did buy it the next day.

On Tuesday my friend Jen took me by car to the Burford garden centre, as I needed to get a few bags of compost. We had a quick coffee in their café, and strolled around the centre, which has rooms selling antiques and modern china, and also a lovely albeit overpriced food shop.

I admired their great collection of orchids, including this delicate Cymbidium Orchid. Isn't it just gorgeous?!

rare orchids, Chez Maximka

I loved looking at the collection of antique jewellery - Celtic, Viking, Roman and medieval rings. They are all certified as authentic. You can get a piece of history, that is, if you're not worried that they are most likely a find from a grave.
I know I'm being ridiculously superstitious, but I wouldn't want some irritated ghost to haunt me, just because I decided to wear a ring which belonged to them.
They really should belong to the museum.

Burford garden centre, Chez Maximka

Walking through the flood fields on the way home...

Chez Maximka, clouds

Thursday was Sasha's very last stay at his favourite respite place. As of this week, we don't have a respite provision at all. Despite the talks taking place back in summer, before Christmas and recently again, nothing has been done.
There are no transitional places for young people over 18. It's either the children's services, or everyone from 18 to 100.
If we live to tell the tale, we won't have any respite in the near foreseen future.

We didn't go out with Eddie that evening, but ordered a pizza and watched a couple of episodes of Agents of Shield, season 3.
Sasha had a very good time at his respite place, they said their Good buys, and that was the end of an era.

spring garden flowers, Chez Maximka

Eddie can't wait for the next Marvel film, which will come to big screens in May. He and I are big fans of Black Widow. We spotted this new Funko Pop Black Widow in Game shop (but didn't buy it).

Chez Maximka, Funko Pop Marvel characters

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  1. We're one step ahead of you, into basically lockdown, as all shops (except supermarkets), recreational places and schools are shut. I'm pretty chilled out at the moment, just trying to figure out how to upload lessons/work for the kids at school. The way I see it is, we're in the age group that "should" just be like a very bad cold, so if the worst happens, fingers crossed we'll survive. There's not a lot else we can do. I did think the other day that I can't get ill as I'm the only parent left to look after the kids, but we'll survive, whatever happens. Although I do hope I manage to pick up some toilet roll somewhere this week ! lol. Love the rainbow picture - they always make me smile too :) I don't think I'd like the idea of antique jewellery like that either ! xx

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, I managed to get a pack of loo rolls today and some anti-bacterial wipes, but no luck with a hand sanitiser.

  2. I love those rings and I plan to buy one. I think I'm going to pick a Roman one, because it would remind me of why I was fascinated with history as a child. I'm not bothered at all if the ring is from a grave, I don't see any reason to be. A few years ago I got a piece of pottery from London, from a Tudor cup, how exciting was that. It's green too.

    I can imagine your fear of getting the virus, with two children to care for. It's also very worrying for your in-laws and your mother too. I just hope they are ok.

  3. I am feeling so anxious today about the coronavirus. I've stopped watching live TV and I am limiting my time on social media.
    That rainbow is so pretty and the orchid is beautiful! x

  4. Hope your relatives stay well. Might be worth taking vitamin D for the immune system and we are a bit short of it in the winter anyway. Hope you managed to get your essentials.

  5. Oh Galina, it's all just a nightmare isn't it. Will your husband be allowed to work away from home? I'm not sure any of will retain our sanity by the end of whatever is to come. That orchid is beautiful #366

  6. Oh no, does Sacha really understand that he will not be going back, ever? What a shame for all of you, him included, that there is no where else for him to go.
    Hope your husband does not end up having to take time off from working abroad.
    Great rainbow capture , features nicely framed by the rainbow.

  7. Those orchids are so pretty and what a beautiful photo of the rainbow. Sacha reclining in the empty supermarket shelf made me chuckle but it is so concerning to see the shelves so empty most of the time at the moment. Sorry to hear that you don't have any respite provision over the coming weeks. The coronavirus situation is so worrying especially with everything shutting down right now. I hope you and your family stay safe and well. #project366

  8. You must be in a very tough situation, as the situation is already very tough. May you and your family be safe. The rainbow is so big! Shame about the panic shoppers. The orchids look lovely. I don't think ghosts will haunt you but such artifacts shoulsnsh be for sale. I'm excited for Black Widow too!

  9. Sorry to hear respite hasn't worked out in adult services for you, how os Sasha adapting to being at home? Gorgeous rainbow and how much is Eddie? I'd buy one of those rings, love the idea of owning and wearing something so old

  10. Must admit I have been worried as well as to how the girls would cope if anything happened to me and the husband. Scary and uncertain times ahead!

    Sorry to hear about the ongoing respite issues.

    Those orchids are stunning.

  11. It is so scary right now and my eldest is having a real wobble so I'm having to constantly reassure him. Sending you virtual hugs. Love the antique rings, wish I could have one (no idea where to find them!) #project366