Thursday, 1 March 2018

Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume for World Book Day

World Book Day costume ideas

Hello, snowy March! And a Happy World Book Day to you all!
Kids across the UK are celebrating the event by dressing up as their favourite characters from books. This morning we were trudging through the snow to school, and all around us were princesses with long floaty skirts under warm coats, pirates with black eye patches, dark-caped crusaders, Moanas, knights.
The school ended much earlier than usual, and for once, Eddie was disappointed to go home early because he said it was a great fun.

When thinking of his favourite characters and books, Eddie didn't hesitate for a second. It must be Greg Heffley aka Wimpy Kid. Eddie's read all the books in the series and loves the style and humour of this award-winning series.
Typically I'm not the parent who spends hours on a World Book Outfit. I googled for a Wimpy Kid outfit, we spotted a tshirt which Eddie loved. The issue with the tshirt was that it costs over £26, which is a ridiculous price.

I knew I could make a tshirt with Wimpy Kid characters at a fraction of a cost. I bought a set of 3 white tshirts at Sainsbury's for £3. and a set of fabric pens on amazon - see Stationery Island fabric pens - dual nib permanent fabric markers (pack of six, at the moment available for £3.99).

The original Diary of a Wimpy Kid-  which introduced Greg Heffley and his crazy family to the world - and Double Down are our top favourites from the series.

When I asked Eddie which designs he wanted for his tshirt, he asked for Greg and his catchphrase "Bite my biscuits" and also Rowley and Zoo Wee Mama.
If you read the books, you know exactly what I mean.

When drawing on the fabric with fabric pens, you'll need to insert a thick paper between the layers, so that the colour does not sip through on the other layer.

And here are two sides of Eddie's tee.

World Book Day costumes

World Book Day costume ideas

World Book Day costume ideas

I also did a quick mask to complete the outfit.

What character did your child(ren) choose to go as on the World Book Day?


  1. They're great. N was meant to go as Greg too. But his white t shirt was under layers and layers of tshirts and jumpers and then he forgot to take his mask

    1. Thank you, Emma! It was too cold to go just in a tee, so Eddie put it over a jumper yesterday to go to school.