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Chocolate & marshmallow traybake with mini eggs

Easter dessert, Easter recipes

With Easter approaching super fast this weekend, you might already have a visual overload of seasonal cakes and bakes posted on social medis, and might groan "Not another Easter bake!"
I have more or less decided what I'm going to cook for Easter lunch, though our dessert would depend on the fact if our friends could come over or not.
One of the possible options is a lemon ricotta cheesecake, which I will bake with gluten free digestive biscuits (one of our friends is a coeliac).
I'll probably make some easy chocolate cornflake nests with Eddie, or cupcakes which he would decorate wildly in multi-coloured sprinkles or mini eggs.

Easter recipes, Easter dessert

Over a week ago I baked a chocolate and marshmallow traybake with mini eggs. The original recipe could be found in March issue of Delicious magazine. The recipe has been developed by Chetna Makan. I didn't watch the GBBO when she was one of the contestants, but I've seen her cook books in shops. I couldn't find this recipe online, so if you fancy following Chetna's recipe, you'll have to buy the magazine.

I have adapted Chetna's recipe, first of all by reducing the amount of sugar and butter, then removing the layer of chocolate ganache altogether. And even then my husband said it was way too sweet. And that comes from a man who has a very sweet tooth. My children enjoyed the cake, and I think it would most likely appeal to children more than to the grown-ups.
But it looked very pretty, decorated with mini eggs.

Easter baking, Easter menu

Chocolate and marshmallow traybake with mini eggs

3 medium eggs
180g caster sugar
30g cocoa powder
100ml boiling water
175g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder
175g unsalted butter
40g mini eggs, chopped

for the marshmallow icing:
2 egg whites
80g caster sugar
20ml orange juice
65g marshmallows
mini eggs for decoration

To make the cake batter, beat the eggs with the sugar in a big mixing bowl. Mix the cocoa and hot water in a pan to combine, then pour into the egg mixture. Sift in the flour and baking powder, and add the melted butter. Chop the mini eggs and add to the cake dough, mix well.
Pour the cake mixture into a well-oiled brownie tin, lined with parchment paper.
Place the tin in the oven preheated to 180C. Bake for 30+ minutes, until the wooden toothpick comes clean.
Leave to cool in the tray before carefully taking it out.

For the marshmallow icing, whisk the egg whites with sugar and orange juice in a small pan. Place the pan over another pan with simmering water (the top pan should not touch the water). Keep whisking till the egg mixture gets glossy and shiny for about 5+ minutes. Take off the heat and add the marshmallows, stir well until all the marshmallows have melted.

I used big marshmallows, which I chopped into pieces. Small sized ones would melt faster.

You will have a beautiful glossy white frosting. Spread it over the cake while still warm, and decorate with mini eggs. Let the frosting set before slicing the cake.

Easter recipes with mini eggs

Serve with tea or coffee. I loved the frosting, it is thick and glossy and looks very attractive, but it is very-very sweet. I think even less sugar in the cake batter would work better.

Easter baking

What dessert are you having for Easter? Home baked or bought?

Easter dessert

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  1. I finally took my head out of the paperwork and realised it's Easter this weekend yesterday - I knew it was soon but not quite that soon ! Dealing with one day at a time has its downsides !