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Marshmallow rocky road with mini creme eggs

what to do with leftover Easter eggs

Last Thursday our Sasha arrived from school with a package of sweet treats they've been making at the food tech lesson. There were a couple of chocolate rice krispie eggs and a few slices of rocky road with marshmallows and creme eggs.
Sasha generously shared these delicious goodies with his brother. After gobbling up a big slice of rocky road, Eddie looked at me and asked if we could make some at home.

While I don't know exactly which proportions and ratio of chocolate to marshmallow and biscuits were in Sasha's school (I must ask them), I had a quick look online, and realised there are no rules. Basically, chuck in whatever you like, from nuts to dried cherries or cranberries, use more butter or even condensed milk, experiment with different biscuits and brands of chocolate.

When I asked Eddie what he would like in our rocky road, he vetoed raisins or any other dried berries and nuts too. I would have loved both, but then it was a fun activity for him and me to do on a rainy day.

what to do with leftover Easter eggs

Marshmallow rocky road with mini eggs
140g unsalted butter
150g milk chocolate bar
1 Cadbury milk egg - 105g
100g dark chocolate
3tbsp golden syrup
2 bags of mini creme eggs (89g each)
100g mini marshmallows
155 digestive biscuits (a dozen of biscuits)
50g white chocolate

ingredients for rocky road

Start by melting the butter and chocolate. You will need a pan with boiling hot water underneath a glass or ceramic container where the chocolate goes. The top container should not touch the hot water.
First goes the butter, so that it starts melting before you add the broken chocolate and golden syrup. It prevents chocolate from going grainy. Mix it all with a wooden spoon until thick and glossy.

Set the container aside to cool before adding the remaining ingredients. If you add the marshmallows while the chocolate is hot, they will melt.
Once cool enough, add the biscuits, broken into small pieces, marshmallows and half of creme eggs, also chopped.
At this stage you can add whichever other ingredients you fancy - dried berries, nuts, mini eggs, smarties etc.

Line a deep tray with cling film, scoop the rocky road into the tray and flatten with the spoon.

Melt half a white chocolate, and make the splats of it over the rocky road. We didn't go for artistic drizzle, as I was going to press it all in anyway. Add the halved mini creme eggs.
Cover with the film, and press all over.

what to do with leftover Easter eggs

Set the tray in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, ideally overnight.

Cut into chunks before serving.

what to do with leftover Easter eggs

While a satisfying sweet treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth, MasterChef it is not. We didn't aim for a perfect presentation, and could hardly wait for it to set.
I started cutting it after an hour and a half in the fridge. It would benefit from a longer stay in the fridge.

Eddie ate his big piece and then asked me: "On the scale from 1 to 10, how would you grade our rocky toad and the one that Sasha brought home?" This was his "cunning" way to tell me that our rocky road was not as good as Sasha's. Oh well, harsh critics in the family.

what to do with leftover Easter eggs

This is a good way to use any leftover Easter eggs. And yes, such thing does exist, if you receive over a dozen of chocolate eggs for Easter (friends, family, school).

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