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Life of Spice American Rub Collection (review + giveaway E: 2 January 2020)

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It's cold outside, and the countdown to Christmas is on. Are you trying to think of a gift for someone who enjoys food and cooking? Take a look below for some Christmas gifts inspiration?

Just the other day I was telling you about The Italian Collection from Life of Spice.
Today's foodie gift suggestion is an American Rub Collection.

Life of Spice has an inspiring range of products to please any foodie. They produce premium gourmet rubs and spices which are stored in attractive aluminium tins.
Produced in small batches using the freshest dried herbs and spices, their versatile range offers a variety of delicious flavours.
Excellent with steaks, fish or vegetables, all Life of Spice products are vegetarian and vegan friendly, include no artificial preservatives or E-numbers.
Their produce comes in environmentally friendly aluminium tins that are fully recyclable.

You can also keep these tins to store any dried herbs (from your own garden, or when you buy a big bunch and let them dry) or spices if you buy them in bigger packets from the world  cuisine isles. I love tins, so these tins won't go in the recycling bin, once the spice blends are finished.

Life of Spice American Rub Collection Gift Set lets you add amazing flavours and zing to just about anything. Fantastic for summer outdoors cooking, these spice blends and rubs will enhance winter comfort food as well.

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Memphis Belle is an authentic Tennesse Barbecue Rub to provide a Southern taste sensation.
Ingredients: paprika, demerara sugar, sea salt, sugar, mustard, celery seeds, pepper, onion, garlic, chipotle and rice flour.

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Kansas City Rib Rub is an authentic Kansas City Barbecue Rub to provide a true taste of the Midwest.
Ingredients: paprika, sea salt, garlic, demerara sugar, mustard, pepper, onion, sugar, Ancho chilli, Cayenne pepper and rice flour.

BBQ spice blends, Chez Maximka, Christmas gifts for foodies

Much Adobo About Nothing is an authentic Adobo seasoning blend which is perfect as a rub on meats or used in chilli and fajita recipes.
Ingredients: sea salt, paprika, pepper, chipotle powder, oregano, cumin, onion, garlic, demerara sugar and rice flour.

BBQ rubs, best seasoning blends, Chez Maximka, gifts for foodies

Savannah Gold is an authentic mustard and garlic rub from the Deep South to give a taste of Georgia at its stunning best.
Ingredients: mustard, sea salt, demerara sugar, pepper, garlic, sugar, onion, turmeric and rice flour.

best seasoning blends, Chez Maximka, gifts for foodies

Sweet Home Alabama is a superb Southern spice rub that offers rich smoky heat and fragrant herbs.
Ingredients: paprika, sea salt, garlic, smoked paprika, onion, sugar, pepper, Cayenne pepper, Ancho chilli, oregano, basil, sage, mustard and rice flour.

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By now, I have tried all of the above in different dishes (pescatarian + vegetarian).
Roast vegetables and fruit - like sweet peppers, onion, courgettes, tomatoes and grapes - with Sweet Home Alabama spice rub acquired that slightly smoky flavour and were delicious.

side dish to fish, Chez Maximka, vegetable side

Sweet potato and tomato soup worked well with a warm note of Memphis Belle, with it combination of paprika, demerara, and celery among other ingredients.

I cooked it last week for dinner. I had a very big sweet potato, which I cubed and cooked in salted boiling water until the sweet potato was soft. Add the spice and pour in the contents of a plain tinned tomato soup. Mash the sweet potatoes with the fork. Serve with a dash of cream and sprinkle some crunchy roasted corns and peas on top (optional).

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Savannah Gold was perfect for a roast sea bass.

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Warm squash salad with wild mushrooms, tomatoes, artichokes, cheese, rocket and cashew nuts was another tasty dinner meal. Roast the cubed squash with Kansas City rib rub, then toss together with the other ingredients.

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Kansas City Rib Rub will add a lovely zingy note to the red cabbage with apples.

As you can see from the recipe suggestions above, The American Rub Collection will work with a variety of recipes - stews, soups, roasts of all kinds, and will add a twist to many a classic recipe.

American Collection will make a lovely Christmas gift for foodies. The box looks stylish, and tins will keep the herb and salt blends fresh for longer.

If you place any order through The Life of Spice, you will receive 1 free tin with each collection ordered using the following code: LOS-NDBLG

Now if you like the sound of this gift set, you have a chance to win it.
Please check the T&Cs at the end of the widget.
Please also note that my blog is only hosting a widget, I am not responsible for selecting a winner, contacting them for address details or sending the prize.

Good luck!

 The Life of Spice Giveaway #13

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