Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tonka Tinys Three Pack and Tonka Tinys Blind Garages

collectible toys, mini cars for children

"They're really tiny, Mummy! I'd have to be a size of a fly to drive a vehicle like that"

Who doesn't love things on wheels, especially when they are small enough to fit in your pocket?
Kids and grown-ups alike will be excited about the latest collection of Tonka Tinys sets.
Tonka Tinys Three Pack (£5.99) and Tonka Tinys Blind Garages (£2/49 each) are palm sized vehicles, which are great for small scale adventures.

collectible mini vehicles

Tonka Tinys Three Pack has three vehicles, two of which you can see through the clear plastic packaging, while the third one remains a mystery until you unbox it.
The Tonka Tinys Blind Garages are miniature boxes containing a hidden vehicle. There are over 20 different Tonka Tinys to collect including police pickups, Quarry dump trucks and even helicopters.
The Three Pack is new for this year, with more playsets and new waves added later this year (planned for autumn).

collectible mini vehicles for children

These new collectible toys are light and easily-transportable. You can carry them in your pocket.
Sometimes in the past I would buy mini cars to take with us on a flight, and give them to my boys as a surprise when we board the plane, so that they have something new to distract them and play with.
I imagine Tonka Tinys will be just the right distraction for long car trips too.

collectible vehicles for children

Despite the size, these mini-vehicles are highly-detailed, with movable parts.
Tonka Tinys are suitable for children aged 3+.

Each Tonka Tiny vehicle comes in its own garage. These little boxes are great for storing, you can stack them one on top of the other easily.
At such affordable prices, Tonka Tinys will make a perfect purchase for pocket money.
Collect them all, and swap with your friends.

Disclosure: We received Tonka Tinys Three Pack and Tonka Tinys Blind Garages for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

collectible mini vehicles for children

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