Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Brackenheath ispot blade desk lamp

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Reading and blogging are two of my favourite evening activities. My table is far from being clutter-free, I have lots of magazines, newspapers cuttings lying around, books piled not so neatly, pens and colouring pens, my camera, notebooks, a laptop and ipad, plus an inevitable cup of tea or coffee. But this is my creative chaos. By the evening my eyes are quite tired, and a good source of light is indispensable.
I don't have a study room of my own, and my working table is often a play area for Eddie who is a Lego fiend (so add one zillion of minifigures to my creative mess ambience).
With a new desk lamp from Ormrod, the atmosphere is more conducive to work.
Brackenheath ispot blade desk lamp is available in two colours - black and white, two colours which are the easiest to enhance any interior colour scheme. It currently retails at £37.62.

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It is a LED desk lamp, with adjustable colour temperature, from warm white 3000K to daylight 6500K.
The lamp head rotates at 180°, with an 90° adjustable lamp arm. It is dimmable via touch control.

On top of all these features, it has a built in USB charging port, perfect for charging phones and other digital devices.
This desk lamp folds away for easy storage, though in our case it doesn't need to be folded. If anything, we can't decide between ourselves who would have this desk lamp.

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In the last few weeks my husband is finishing to edit his book and works late in the night. A good lighting is crucial for his work, so I let him have the desk lamp (for the time being). He appreciated the USB charging facility, as he and his iphone are inseparable.

The slim design of this desk lamp would fit many interior styles. I have placed it in several different rooms, on different surfaces, and I think it works well with all of them, for example, with the antique desk...

... as well as a simple wooden modern-style computer table/desk.

See the full range of stylish lighting at Ormrod. I have already bookmarked a couple of things that I love there, including the most fantastic nautical lamps.

Disclosure: We received the desk lamp for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are our own.


  1. Love this lamp. The range of temperatures would be helpful for photos when winter arrives again as well

    1. Thank you, Alison! It will be very helpful for taking photos, when the evenings get darker and darker.