Monday, 10 April 2017

Schleich Showjumper with Horse

toy horses, horse minifigures

Horses are wonderful creatures, they are so beautiful and majestic. For many years our older son attended horse-riding classes. We even stayed twice in Cornwall on a horse-riding school farm. One of the most special memories of my life was seeing my son riding a horse on an empty beach. It was pure magic. He loved every moment of it. And I cherish that memory.

Sasha used to play with toy horses a lot, when he was a little boy. We had quite a collection of Schleich toys, which later my younger son inherited from his big brother.
Horse Club range from Schleich has expanded recently to include new toys.

Showjumper with Horse (42358, £13.99) is a beautiful addition to the collection. The set includes a Hanoverian mare and a rider, a saddle, reins and bridle.

toy horse, horse minifigures

Hanoverians are famed for being exceptionally gifted jumpers. And this lady showjumper "has long harboured a very special dream: to win a big horse show. She has bought a new jumping saddle specially. It is longer and wider than other saddles and is thickly padded so she has a secure hold when landing from a jump".

toy horse, horse minifigure

All the Schleich collectible toys are made of high quality durable plastic. The attention to detail is amazing, the level of craftsmanship is very  high. The horse looks very realistic, the finish on each toy is admirable. Both the rider and the horse have detailed features and are carefully painted.

toy horses

The accessories fit very well, you can easily remove the rider from the horse, as well as take off the saddle and the reins.
These collectible mini-figures will give your child many happy hours of imaginative play. The beauty of Schleich toys is that you can either play with them individually, or combine them with the other sets and ranges for creative play.

toy horse, minifigure horse

For a full range of Horse Club toys visit Schleich.

Disclosure: We received the showjumper toy for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

toy horse


  1. That's a fabulous photo of Eddie riding the horse like a pro #proudmummoment ! :)

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! This is Sasha, not Eddie. :) Alas, Eddie never did horse-riding lessons.