Monday, 17 April 2017

Ravensburger Colin Thompson's Funtastic Adult Colouring Book

Colin Thompson, the world's best-loved jigsaw puzzle artist, is one of my favourite modern illustrators. I have enjoyed quite a few of his wonderful jigsaw puzzles (see, for example, my reviews of Flying Home and The Inventor's Cupboard).
I was thrilled to discover that I can revisit his unique designs in a new colouring book for adults.

Ravensburger Colin Thompson's Funtastic Adult Colouring Book is a splendid gift to all fans of this remarkable artist.

There are 72 pages in total, which will take you many hours to complete. I have only started working on it, doing slowly a few details at a time, as a chance to relax. I imagine it will be my long-running project to complete.
There are 35 double page spreads taken from Thompson's popular jigsaw puzzles. Some I have recognised at once - like The Inventor's Cupboard or The Bizarre Bookshop, some are completely new to me.

colouring books for adults

Each design is printed in half-tones for the increased depth. Illustrations are crammed with amazing wacky creatures. Fantastic landscapes and bookshelves, architectural constructions and flying machines, quirky animals and humans, each illustration tells a story.
I love reading all the book titles, which are puns on the famous books - for example, Last Mango in Paris, The Great Brain Robbery, The Spy Who Came in With a Cold, The Satanic Nurses, The Taming of the Yew, Tizer with Rosie, Lord of the Files, and many more, some more amusing than the others.

The designs are printed on high quality paper. I have used very basic colouring pens from a Poundshop, and I think I need to invest in good quality watercolour pencils to do justice to this clever book. Felt pens are too bright and cover too much of the intricate shading.

Some designs are easy - for the hesitant colourist, maybe a beginner - finishing which will inspire you to move...

... to more intricate designs...

...and some rather fiendish pages for the intrepid colouring fans.

I was delighted to see some of my old favoruites which I enjoyed piecing as jigsaw puzzles, like this - The Red Box. The design shows a magic oriental red lacquer box, with lots of drawers. You find all sorts of hidden treasures inside, as well as some mystic mini-figures.
You'll see a beautiful Blue Willow patterned piece and a red lantern, a golden koi carp, elegant old pieces of china, a smiling Buddha and much more.

colouring books for adults

The book is suitable for ages 12+, but it might also appeal to younger audience. Eddie is 6 (7 in summer), but he was fascinated with the book. He looks enviously at my colouring and begged me to let him do some colouring as well. I suggested he could choose some pages to work on, but warned him to be very careful and attentive to detail.

So far he did just a few little details.

Colouring for grown-ups is a trendy these days, and this book will give hours of pleasure to all colouring enthusiasts.

Disclosure: I received the colouring book for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own.

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