Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sip n' Sound

Sip n' Sound straws are a fun new range of straws with animal sound effects. These a-moo-zing straws are aimed at children aged 3+.
We're lucky that we never had a problem with either boy regarding drinking water or juice. But many parents struggle with making their children drink enough. These cute straws might be your "secret weapon" in encouraging your little ones to drink more.

The range of farmyard animals includes four different straws - a pig, a cow, a horse and a sheep. As soon as you start drinking, they make noises. Once you stop drinking, the sound stops as well.

These sensory toys will be great at a children's party.

Each Sip n sound straw retails at £5.99 from Flair. They will appeal to both children and grown-ups.
Children will enjoy the funny noises, while grown-ups will appreciate the advantages of drinking through a straw - such as an increased drink intake, stain protection and cavity prevention.

These interactive sensory straws are very easy to operate. They come with batteries included, and a little on-off switch on the side.
Eddie enjoyed trying the straws, and kept asking for more water and squash. I actually had to tell him to have a break, or he would burst. He rated them highly. Based on his enjoyment of the straws, we'd rate them 5/5.

Disclosure: We received a selection of straws for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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