Monday, 24 April 2017

Eldrador Dragon Poacher from Schleich

miniature dragons, collectible dragons

Dragons and fantasy kingdoms have millions of fans. You don't have to be a child to appreciate the art of Schleich minifigures. The Eldrador range from Schleich is a marvellous imaginary kingdom populated with dragons and knights.
While the farm animals and dinosaurs might fascinate younger children, dragons would appeal to older children and grown-ups to. Stage a battle of dragons, or create a fantasy kingdom for your dragon and get immersed in an imaginative play.
The Eldrador range has been recently expanded to include several new dragons - Dragon Ice Hunter, Dragon Night Hunter and Dragon Poacher (priced £14.99 each).

dragon minifigures, collectible dragons

Dragon Poacher is a fierce, powerful warrior, with razor-sharp claws. He breathes fire at his enemies.
"Angry and extremely aggressive, the dragon poacher swoops down at every foe. It is incredibly strong, with razor-sharp teeth and claws and fearsome dragonfire".

dragon toys, collectible dragons

The new Eldrador dragons feature moveable wings which can go up and down.

dragon minifigures

If you visit Schleich website you will discover a fun fact about the dragon poacher - apparently it has one weak spot, which is hidden beneath its crest.
Dragon's dimensions are 9.6x8.1x5.7 inch.
It is suitable for children aged 5-8 (and most likely for any Game of Thrones or Fantastical Beasts fans aged up to 100).

Schleich minifigures are always hand-painted with great precision and attention to detail. The modelling quality is outstanding.

collectible dragons, dragon toys

Its visage is savage and destructive. Just look at those sharp teeth, spikey prickles and devilish horns. Those eyes seem to follow you. He's a merciless hunter, and he's after you.

collectible dragons, dragon toys

For a full Eldrador range and new super ferocious fire-breathing dragons visit Schleich.
Image credits: Schleich
Image credits: Schleich

Disclosure: We received a toy for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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