Friday, 3 March 2017

Our #PJMasksToys party

Meet Catboy, the leader of the PJ Masks gang. He has amazing super powers, and is ready to rescue you...
Eddie was very excited to have an opportunity to host a #PJMasksToys Twitter party.
If you were with us on Twitter on Wednesday, you might have seen our party in action.

Before the party we received a big box with PJ Masks-themed goodies, which Eddie was very eager to explore. I had to stop him from unwrapping. Imagine his impatience, he couldn't wait for the party to begin.
Our pack included everything for a successful party at home, including toys, snacks and party bags.

The PJ Masks toys and costumes range was launched at the start of February. It includes a variety of role play, plastic and plush toys. The range is going to be expanded later this year.

One of the first boxes we opened was a PJ Masks costume set (Catboy). The costume is well packaged, though a child would need adult help to remove all the packaging.

It was just the right size for Eddie. He loved it so much, he wanted to wear it to school for the World Book Day.

As you can see, the set consists of a one-piece full body suit with fasteners at the back and a mask. The outfit is made of soft fabric, for the ease of movement. I appreciated that there were no padded bits on it, as we have a couple of superhero costumes with padded chests, and they're not comfortable to wear.

The costume is bright in colour, and is big enough to wear a cotton vest and undies under it. The costume fasteners are Velcro, which allows a child to get in and out of the outfit independently.

There are two other costumes in the range - Owlette and Gekko. Judging from the photos posted during the Twitter party, all children loved wearing them. Each costume costs £24.99.

If you don't want to buy a costume, there are free character masks and colouring sheets to download. The masks are pretty easy to make.
In fact this was our first party activity. We received printed template cards, ribbons and scissors. The ribbons even matched the colour of the masks.

I did help a bit after hearing "I'm not very good at making masks".

The next activity was to Match the item with the character game. There were three plush toys of Catboy, Gekko and Owlette, a drawstring bag including character bio sheers to help with the answers, some pictures of random objects and items as well as coloured paper rings for the game.
Each child took turns picking a picture out of the bag and decided which PJ Masks character it suited the best.

The game finished, I have suggested to do a bit of colouring. I made a mistake though, showing the cake for the party. The cake was calling them.

children's party cakes

My original plan was to bake my own cake and decorate it. But as the previous day happened to be my birthday, when I spent a few hours attending a school concert rehearsal, I had no energy to do any baking. I got a plain vanilla cake from Waitrose, already covered with the white icing, and decorated it with the blue sugar paste and icing pens.
It was pronounced delicious.

Children were happy to explore the new PJ Masks toys. We had three different PJ Masks vehicles. Each comes with a mini-figure.
The vehicles easily zoom around the room, taking their drivers "into the night to save the day".
You will find Catboy and his Cat-Car, Gekko and his Gekko-Mobile and Owlette with her Owl Glider.
The figures can be swapped around, and the cars can fit in the whole gang.

The vehicle and figure sets costs £13.99.
There is also a range of mini-collectibles, perfect for pocket money. They come in blind bags. You can collect 12 characters, including a super rare Connor figure.

collectible mini-figures

Catboy was our favourite.

A memory game is always a fun activity. If you want to play the same game with your children, the rules are:
- each child is to stand up in turn with their mask on and say "If I was a PJ Masks Hero I would be able to..." The line is then followed by a superpower. Then the next child stands up and repeats the line, the previously named power and adds another power. If the child is unable to remember all the mentioned powers in correct order, they are out.
Just like the "I went to the shops and bought.." game, the winner is whoever the last one standing.

No party is complete without a game of Pass the parcel and party bags.
We all enjoyed the party, loved the toys and stuffed ourselves with the cake.

Find out more about PJ Masks and meet the heroes at PJ Masks and FlairPLC.

Many thanks to Evolution PR for sending us the PJ Masks goodies!

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  1. That mask really suits Eddie. Great selection of toys