Friday, 24 March 2017

Last minute Mother's Day gift ideas

I have no great expectations for Mother's day. It's not something we celebrated, when I was growing up in the Soviet Union. The 8th of March was the day when the womenfolk of all ages and creeds were feted, and it is still a big celebration in Russia. I'm not going to bemoan the lack of gifts, or breakfast in bed.
In fact, when my younger son mentioned that he was going to serve me breakfast in bed on Sunday, I got alarmed and told him to reconsider.
I'm sure I will have cards my boys made for me at school, and that will be lovely. As for my dear husband, him being an absent-minded professor, he wouldn't even remember when his own birthday is.

Have you left your Mother's Day gift buying to the last minute? Or perhaps - like the Five from Enid Blyton's spoof book - you've forgotten all about it?

books as gifts

Wandering around town today, you couldn't escape all the Mother's day displays and paraphernalia, so I indulged myself in thinking which gifts I would choose for myself.

This little gift guide is based purely on my own likes. I'm sure some Mums would love nothing better than being spoilt by a spa day. I can't think of anything more boring than sitting wrapped in a towel, having your nails painted. Just the idea makes me shudder. Nope, spa days and nail salons are a definite No for me. I don't care for cars, or luxury boutiques, diamonds or the latest gadgets...
This is a short guide on what you might find right now on the High Street, as it's too late by now to order anything online, unless you pay exorbitant prices for the next day delivery or you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Bookshops are a magnet to me. Our local little Waterstone's has very friendly staff, and they create imaginative window displays, often hand-painted, or chalked on blackboards. I love it that they sell not just books, but beautiful stationery, plus pretty china and some novelty gifts.

I nearly bought Virgins by Diana Gabaldon, but remembered I had some book gift card at home, so might get it the next time I visit the bookshop. That, and a splendid-looking "Isabella of Castile".

WHSmith has the latest installment of Poirot mystery by Sophie Hannah at half price this week. I'd be very happy to receive it as a gift for Mother's Day, as I love Poirot.

Gin and prosecco seem to appear in almost all gift guides for Mother's Day. As much as I enjoy a glass of prosecco, I'd be much happier with prosecco-flavoured gummies (found in Lakeland).

Mother's day gifts

Whittard's is a shop I'm trying actively to avoid, as I end up buying yet another novelty tea from them. I love their range of teas, and china, and for me, anything from Whittard's would be a super present.

White Stuff shop is another "danger zone" for me. Their tops and scarves are feminine and stylish. This silk scarf is perfect for spring, with its delicate pattern.

Marks and Spencer runs a 20% off offer on Roger & Gallet products this week. Le Soin Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream is made with 18 natural essences, officinal plants and distilled plants. Apparently this formula was patented in 1727. Usually priced at £35, it is £28 at the moment, and that's what I bought myself as a gift for Mother's Day. I love the smell, and how silky the skin feels after the application.

As for flowers, I'm very easy to please. Give me a bunch of tulips, and I'd be eternally grateful.
This bunch is actually from Sainsbury's and costs a princely sum of £2.50.

spring flowers

Are you still looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? If you are a Mum yourself, what would you fancy on Sunday?


  1. Great selection of ideas. I wait in suspense to see if Eddie does bring you breakfast in bed!

    1. Lol, I hope not. We don't have one of those trays with legs to serve in bed, and our old wobbly tray would be a disaster to happen.