Saturday, 25 June 2016

Photo diary: week 25, 366

We're fast approaching the end of the school year. A few more weeks, I have to tell myself every morning, forcing myself out of bed. I'm sooo not a morning person. Last weekend we spent at home, as my husband was away in Rome and Milan. I finally trimmed Eddie's hair, as he was turning into a Goldilocks. OK, it's not the straightest haircut in the neighbourhood, but I've done worse before.
Not the best photo either, as it was quite dark indoors, and the flash on my camera refuses to work.

Eddie and I baked Finding Dory cupcakes after school. We found the baking kit at Tesco online.

On Tuesday I was trying to take photos of the infused water. The sun was in full blast, and Eddie was jumping around.

I don't know what this little plant is, it's more of a weed than anything else. It looked very pretty after the rain, sparkling like a diamond diadem.

A glamorous rose with a sweet scent

Rain, rain, rain, every day it's raining. June, where are you? It's not different from April weather-wise.
Dog rose after the rain:

Tired after a tennis class, Eddie's lounging on the sofa, watching Alvin & the Chipmunks, while I keep telling him off and asking to lower the sound, as I find their voices mightily annoying.

How did your week go?


  1. The water looks so refreshing - I drink litres a day but a bit of infusion would be nice. Beautiful weed/plant/flower too!

  2. That first weed plant picture is amazing, love all the rain drops and the hairs on the stem.
    I use to trim the kids hair as well, not always perfect but objected to the high hairdressing charges for just a trim.
    In my daughters house the tv is always too loud as well. The kids get louder so one turns the tv up, so they have to shout louder again to be heard above it, drives me insane.

  3. Some pretty plant pictures - I particularly like the weed one. I used to cut my son's hair until recently, but he wasn't very cooperative, so now he goes to the barbers with his dad.