Monday, 20 June 2016

Mr Frosty the ice crunchy maker

I confess I have never had a Mr Frosty, when I was a child, so don't have any personal nostalgic memories to share. But I understand there is a lot of excitement around from bloggers who were kids in the 80s and Mr Frosty was one of the top toys on their Christmas wish list. The Original Mr Frosty is back, with a fresh new look. And doesn't he look cute?!

Mr Frosty the ice crunchy and slushy maker has been revamped and is eager to meet the new generation of mini-chefs. His cool ice-crushing function allows kids to create slushy drinks.

What is included in the kit?
There's Mr Frosty with a pull-out drawer, of course, two ice cube trays, two mini-bowls and spoons, a penguin squirter and a set of ice lolly moulds.

Last week we had a few very warm days, including a scorcher of a Saturday. It was a perfect weather for ice lollies. That was easy-peasy. Since the moulds are quite small, it didn't take long for the juice to set, and we had lovely refreshing fruit juice lollies.

The big bonus of this gadget is that you can make your lollies as healthy as you like, mixing the fruit and vegetable juice. For example, I used Yellow Mellow smoothie from Waitrose which is a mix of fruit and vegetable juice with turmeric.

Eddie was very excited about the ice lolly moulds. He remembers our trip to Cornwall two years ago, when his cousin Sasha and he made ice lollies together from the apple juice and milk. These lolly moulds are quite small, you will get mini-ice lollies.

Now, moving onto a trickier part of the kit - Mr Frosty himself.
First  you need to make novelty shaped ice cubes, using two of the yellow ice cube trays.

Mr Frosty yellow cube tray

Once frozen, take the tray out and let the ice soften a bit before putting them inside Mr Frosty under his hat. Plop the hat on, and turn the handle in the back to crush the ice. Sounds easy enough, alas, my first attempt at slushy making was a total failure.
Maybe I waited for too long for the ice cubes to soften, but all we got was a coloured muddy puddle with little bits of ice, with half of the ice still inside the main body of Mr Frosty.
So, you'll need to find a fine balance between ice being too soft and turning into a puddle of too hard and causing a possible damage to the handle.

ice slushy

I liked the yellow trays, as I think we'll make good use of them this summer, making coloured funky-shaped cubes for drinks in the garden.

Mr Frosty costs £19.99 and is available at Smyths and The Entertainer. It will be a part of a collection of frozen treat making toys including an ice cream maker coming later this year.

Find out more about Flair's range of creative products for children at CoolCreateClub.

Disclosure: I received Mr Frosty for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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