Sunday, 5 June 2016

Photo diary: week 22, 366

May said Good Bye, leaving with a scent of the white roses, which at the moment take over my garden. The rose has climbed over a very tall plum tree and the blooms cascade down, such a glorious sight. 

On Monday Eddie and I had great fun, joining the Goosebumps watch-along. We're big fans of Goosebumps, and enjoyed watching the new DVD, and pretending how scared we were. Well, perhaps not always pretending, as gnomes and talking dummies do freak me out.

Mock-orange in the garden has such a delicate scent. The bees love it.

I  have planted ten different tomatoes (not from seeds, from mini-plants) in the greenhouse, and they are doing quite well, though it's still a long way until we have the first tomatoes).

We love our daily walks in the river meadows behind the old Witney Mill. It is such a serene spot, with the birdsong and fresh air.

On Friday our friend Jen took my boys and me out by car to one of our favourite haunts aka Burford garden centre. There is a lovely playground outside, where my guys enjoyed the swings, the climbing frames and the big tractor.

Saturday: I have baked a dozen of coconut-flavoured cupcakes with white chocolate frosting. I'm quite addicted to fresh coconut chunks (I can easily eat the whole box in one go, especially with a cup of coffee, mmm), so decorated some of the cupcakes with the sliced fresh coconut.


  1. We started with some tomatoes from seed and although they came up quickly they have done very very little since. so we resorted to buying two established ones last week to put in the new greenhouse.
    Great goosebumps picture, I have to admit I was of the generation that watched Dr Who from behind the couch - well then the monsters got my siblings on the couch and I had time to escape......