Saturday, 11 June 2016

Photo diary: week 23, 366

We had a lovely warm week, with some days packing scorching temperatures. I have been spending most of my spare time in the garden. I also have been very busy, meeting with the solicitor, going on a safeguarding course (since I work as a volunteer in school) and much more. Blogging has been put a bit on hold, as I simply had no time for everything.
During the school break Eddie went on a free course to learn the basics of tennis. This was a Highland Spring promotion, where you enrolled for a free course. The nearest tennis court which participated in the campaign was in Oxford. Eddie loved it so much that he decided he wanted to continue.
I asked my husband who took Eddie to the tennis lessons to snap a picture of him.

We have a mini-pond in the garden. It was once much bigger, but we have enclosed it with slabs and filled some of it with rocks when the kids were little. So, there is just a small opening with slabs, and every year these bright yellow irises come into bloom with passion.

pond plants

I admire these gorgeous garlands of roses on rooftops in someone's yard, as I wait for Eddie to get out of his school.

garden roses

This foxglove has planted itself in our garden, behind the summerhouse last year. This year there are three long spears. Such a beautiful yet deadly plant.

Love my old-fashioned roses which smell divine.

garden roses

Eddie's school held a party to celebrate the Queen's official birthday. He told me, rather disappointed: "There were lots of people but the Queen didn't come". Oh the naivety of 5-year-olds who expect the Queen to attend their party. When the parents arrived to pick up the kids, they have just released 90 balloons into the air. It was a beautiful sight for kids, but the grown-ups should have known better than pollute the nature.

Queen's official birthday

For lunch today we had a mozzarella, tomato, fig and prosciutto salad. It was light and very tasty.

edible flowers, summer salad


  1. Ooh balloon releases really shouldn't happen anymore - grrr. On a happier note I love those rooftops and so nice to see a grass court - I used to love playing as a youngster, hope Eddie keeps on enjoying the game x

    1. Thank you, the rooftops are so pretty at this time of the year. Eddie loved the tennis, hope his enthusiasm doesn't wear off soon

  2. I wish I could get Monkey interested in Tennis, glad Eddie enjoyed it #366

    1. Thank you Mary! Eddie's also joined in a football club at school on Mondays, we'll see how it goes.

  3. The balloons look great in a photo, but I agree on the pollution aspect.
    Glad he enjoyed the tennis, always another activity to pursue.
    Gosh I think their roof needs a bit of TLC, but the roses look great