Sunday, 5 June 2016

Astro Limina portable uplight

Our home is rather eclectic, it's a combination of a classic or traditional old town cottage and more modern influences. As much as I love the "old cottage" look, it could be too conservative if it's not diluted by the more modern details. I don't want to live in a museum, I love layering and mixture of styles, which makes it more exciting and approachable (though I have a feeling that if an interior designer ventured into our house, they might have had a bit of a shock).
The same goes for the lamps and lights in our house: we have a fabulous vintage lamp in the hall, shaped like a Victorian lamppost, a gloriously bright Tiffany lampshade in the sitting room, sky lights in the kitchen etc etc. Recently our lamp collection has expanded with an addition of a portable uplight.
Astro Limina sounds like something out of a sci-fi book or film, and looks the part too. It is stylish, compact and portable. It is double insulated, and has a plaster finish.

portable uplight

I was surprised to read that this product can be painted after applying a sealing coat of a diluted bonding solution. I like the white finish as it is, but the possibilities of decorating it to suit your tastes and interior styles of your home are endless.
It comes with a Bell LED GU10 lamp, which makes it child-safe to prevent burnt fingers.
Being small and compact, it can be placed almost anywhere around the house.

We have placed it in different rooms around the house, trying to decide what's the best location for it.
You can keep in it in the bathroom, as long as it's not too close to the bath and doesn't get wet.


It looked well in our bedroom too, though it cannot be used as a night light, it is way too bright. When I switched it on in Eddie's bedroom, his small room was all alight.
The glow of the bulb is very bright, almost hurting the eyes, so don't look directly inside the lamp when the light is on. Best placed in the corner, and maybe even turned around so that the lower rim is facing the wall.

We also tried to see how it would look in the summerhouse which is the playroom or guestroom, depending on the situation. The small summerhouse looked even more cosy with the uplight on the floor.

Astro Limina hasn't found its permanent location yet in our house, but as it is portable, we can carry around with ease, depending on the mood and need of light.

For more information and a wide selection of lighting, visit Ormrod.

Disclosure: I received the uplight for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. I love eclectic as a word. I could probably describe my home that way as well. That light looks rather good for dark corners

    1. Thank you Alison! It could fit in in any corner