Saturday, 7 May 2016

Photo diary: week 18, 366

Last week was full of excitement and anxiety in equal measure. Our Sasha was going away on a school residential trip to Bristol. To say I was worried would have been an understatement, I couldn't sleep well, imagining all the worst case scenarios about him being lost in a strange city and not being able to ask for help, since he's non verbal. I knew my fears were irrational, as his teachers would take a good care of him and of course they are aware of all the difficulties.
We decided to take Eddie to  Brighton for a couple of days. All our trips and outings are usually centred around Sasha's needs. If we're eating out, and he got up and wants to leave, we have to leave. We're always treading on the eggshells and never fully relax, which is not fair on his younger sibling, but he just has to accept it as part of our family life.
We talked to the psychiatrist's team recently and they were in favour of us having a short break, just the three of us, when Sasha is away on a resi trip. We asked permission at Eddie's school, who for obvious reasons were not very enthusiastic, though understanding.

On Sunday I kept doing one load of laundry after another to prepare for Sasha's and our trips We did a quick foray into the supermarket to buy a few groceries, and I snapped this white blossom on the way home after shopping. It was literally a point and snap affair, as Eddie told me he needed to wee and we couldn't stop for more than a second.

Monday was a Bank Holiday, more work for me, with all the ironing this time and packing Sasha's bags,
and too stressed, I didn't take any photos. At least I cannot find any on my camera or iphone.

Eddie was super excited on Tuesday. He still went to school, then after school we ran home, changed and took the bus to the Oxford railway station. It was a day of firsts for Eddie: his first trip on a train (proper train, not a ride on a little open train like Blenheim park's Winston), first stay in a hotel and the first visit to Brighton. Couldn't get more exciting.
We arrived to Brighton soon after 8pm, and Eddie chose to go to Donatello's for dinner, since it must be called "after" a ninja turtle.
Here we are, me with a glass of Bellini (I'm so predictable when it comes to cocktails) and Eddie with plain water.

On Wednesday we explored the city and did all the touristy things, like visiting the Royal Pavilion and Sealife, having fish and chips on the Brighton Pier, and of course, playing on the beach. Eddie braved the cold sea waves and ran barefoot. He had a whale of a time, and basked in all the undivided attention.

On Thursday morning after having pancakes for breakfast at Bella Italia we packed our suitcases, checked out, left our luggage in the hotel's lobby, and went to say Good bye to the sea. It was starting to get really hot.

With all the hot weather, the tulips which my Mum planted last year for me, finally came into bloom. I didn't know which colour they would be. Just a few days ago they were still green, it took a couple of warm days for them to show their true colour. And what a glorious colour it is - a Royal purple.

The day before I baked a batch of vanilla frosted cupcakes with marshmallows for the school cupcake sale. I left one cupcake for Sasha, as he was coming back home after his trip on Friday. He survived on tuna pate sandwiches and chips, but looked to me that he has lost a bit of weight. His teacher did say it wasn't easy to feed Sasha, as he's a very fussy eater.
He kept opening the fridge, when he came home, looking for a cake, so I promised I'd bake him one the next day, and on Saturday I baked a vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting.

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  1. Glad you managed all the packing and had a nice time. It was certainly the weather for the seaside. Not been to Brighton for years.

    1. Thank you Alison! We were lucky with the weather on our short break

  2. How lovely for Eddie to get some nice one on one time, love the pic of him jumping in the sea. Also for Sasha to get some time away as well, a great confidence booster and all part of his growing up.

    1. Thank you Elaine! Eddie was so happy, we really must do it again one day.

  3. Glad you managed to get a few days away with Eddie, the photos of him jumping in the waves and smiling in the sunshine are just wonderful x

    1. Thank you Sara! He loves the seaside, well, we all do, I wish we lived somewhere nearer the sea.