Sunday, 1 May 2016

Out and About April Round-up

It's nearly May, and what a funny end of April we have. For the last several days it's been feeling almost like winter. One moment it's blue skies and sunshine, the next the big dark clouds hide the sun and it starts to snow. When we walked home after school with Eddie the other day, the snow was falling faster and faster. Eddie loved it and kept exclaiming "Mummy, happy Christmas!" At least some of us enjoyed it.
Easter seems already quite a faraway memory. What have our lovely bloggers being up to in the last month or so?

Eileen from ET Speaks from Home managed to catch a good weather for her family's outing to National Forest Adventure Farm. There were so many activities like Easter treasure hunt, Easter Eggspress, lamb feeding and plenty of indoor soft play areas for all ages. The animals looked very cute. And the JCB bouncing castle was absolutely splendid. I'd like to have a go on it myself.

JCB bouncing castle (photo credits: ET Speaks from Home)
Our weekends are not very adventurous, Sasha loves going to Costa every Saturday, it is his weekly treat. And Eddie and I often tag along our Big Guys aka Sasha and Papa.

Anca from Anca's Lifestyle has revisited a place called Croxteth Hall and found some fascinating specimens of flora in the greenhouse there. This beautiful plant is called Green Jade Vine for its colour. There are only a few flowers like this in the UK, at Kew, Eden Project and two botanical gardens in Scotland. This rare flower grows wild in the Philippines. I can just see this photo as a photo print on fabric to wear as a silk scarf. That would be a beautiful fabric.

Image credits: Anca's Lifestyle
Another memorable event that happened in Anca's life last month was her trip to the Crufts. I believe everyone knows about the Crufts, even if you don't have a dog. You can't escape the news. But this year it was even more special, as it was the 125th anniversary of Crufts. Anca took a lot of lovely photos. Just look at this - is it a dog? is it a fluffy rug?

Image credits: Anca's Lifestyle
Anca's surely been busy these few weeks. She was also lucky to attend a Hobby Crafts and Cake International Show. Now that's an event I would dearly love to visit one day. I urge you to read Anca's posts, some of the cakes she's seen at the show are absolutely amazing. There are some bizarre ones as well like corpse's torn hands or Amy Winehouse. Mind boggles.

Image credits: Anca's Lifestyle

Fiona aka Northeast Nerd went on a mission down Quayside way to sample milkshales at The Great British cupcakery. Those big milkshakes look absolutely stunning, but according to Fiona, they were a tad disappointing taste-wise. I think Fiona needs to go there again and sample the other varieties, just for the purposes of research.

Image credits: Northeast Nerd
If you have never flown 1st class but always wanted to know what's it like, have a look at The diary of a jewellery lover's blog post on Why you must fly Virgin First Class. The food looks appetising, and the service was top class too. And it must be really lovely to be able to stretch one's legs.

Image credits: Diary of a Jewellery Lover
Having had a great time on the airplane, lucky girl Melissa went on a tour of Graceland which is a place of pilgrimage for all Elvis fans. Graceland is now Memphis' most visited attraction and is a shrine to the King of Rock 'N Roll. The tour of the house is the main attraction. As you walk around with an ipad, you listen to the music, interviews and learn about his life.

Image credits: Diary of a Jewellery Lover
Whenever there is a chance to go to the Burford Garden Centre, my boys couldn't be happier. There is a lot to see and do, including a toy shop, a cafe and a big playground. We always stop by to admire this Dr Who box.

Image credits: Chez Maximka
Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust enjoys travelling with her dog Eddie. He's the cutest dog ever, and he definitely deserves the best accommodation. This time Alison and Eddie stayed in Parkdean, Wemyss Bay, Scotland. Looks like they all had a great time. And here is the adorable Eddie.

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  1. A lovely round up. We certainly have been a variety of places this month and I hope the weather decides to get sunny soon