Friday, 13 May 2016

Actimel, Myleene Klass and hectic mornings

Mornings! Who invented them?! Every parent who has to get kids ready for school knows just how stressful the morning routine can be. I am always the first one to get up, and oh boy, don't I hate the alarm clock. Sometimes I feel like throwing it across the room. For the first few minutes I fantasise that I have "forgotten" to put the alarm clock on or pretend it didn't go off. Shall we all just stay in bed? Then I force myself to go down to the kitchen and prepare everyone's breakfast. I switch on the radio and make a cup of tea and brace myself for going back upstairs in the kids' bedrooms. The day begins...

Actimel has recently conducted a survey called Stay Strong. According to the survey, "55% of Mums find that getting themselves and their children ready in the morning can be the most eventful time of the day".
With that in mind, Actimel has teamed up with celebrity working Mum Myleene Klass to produce a cheeky video which aims to inspire parents to stay strong during the hectic morning rush.

"Myleene has joined forces with the Stay Strong Brothers, a band helping Actimel bring a smile to people's faces - and who have written the "Every Morning Mum" song, a happy and humorous song which sets mum up ready in the morning to face life's daily challenges head on".

"The survey also found that the other biggest challenges mums face in the morning include searching for matching socks (15%), wiping food stains off their kids' clothes (11%), finding the school shoes (15%) and even convincing them to take off their favourite pair of pyjamas (6%).
As well as the daily hurdle of getting the kids dressed, one in seven UK mums struggle to get their kids' hair looking presentable and find brushing their teeth the most time-consuming activities before leaving the house. On average, mums spend almost twenty minutes longer to get out of the house with their children then they do if they were by themselves."

Cynthia Finke, Marketing Manager from Actimel said, "We all know how difficult life's daily challenges can be so this collaboration with Myleene and the Stay Strong Brothers is a great way to support Mums while bringing a smile to their face. This partnership is a big part of our global brand relaunch and we hope it will really resonate with mums across the nation".

Many Mums do a great job every morning, but so do many Dads, and their part should be acknowledged as well. When my husband is not travelling or doesn't have to go to work too early, we work as a team, getting our boys ready for school.

I confess the video made me giggle, as though I can relate to the morning pre-school madness, I cannot quite relate to the glamorous look Myleene sports so early in the morning. Her eyelashes look perfectly done as she wakes up, and that frock she's wearing for the school run, blimey!

Image credits: Actimel

Myleene gets her super powers from a bottle of Actimel. We are big fans of Actimel as well, though I tend to drink it mid-morning or in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning.

We all have our favourties - my guys love Strawberry and Multifruit, while I am partial to Coconut and Original flavours. As there are 12 delicious flavours to choose from, you can find one that you love. This tasty yogurt drink is a great pick-me-up at any time of the day, not just the morning.

Actimel contains Vitamin B6 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It also contains Vitamins B6 & D to support the normal function of the immune system.

For more information about Actimel, visit StayStrongUK.

Disclosure: we received a gift card to purchase Actimel for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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