Thursday, 12 May 2016

April Degustabox

My guys and I always look forward to our monthly Degustabox delivery, which is full of tasty surprises. This monthly food and drink subscription box is a good way to discover products which have only just appeared in the shops or those which might have been around for while, but you haven't had a chance to try them yet.
Each time the box arrives, it's a bit like unwrapping Christmas gifts, as you don't know what you might find there. You get a good selection of foods and drinks.
If you haven't tried Degustabox subscription box yet and would like to have a go, I have a whopping £6 off discount from your first box (and you can unsubscribe any time) - just use a code BLDEG15 when you place an order.
What did we receive in April box? Let's have a peek:

I knew which products will be tested first by my guys. Eddie begged to try Bebeto Fruit Strings. He loves fruit strings which I buy quite often, but this is the first time he tried Bebeto. Bebeto Fruit strings has been awarded The Product of the Year for its innovative use of fruit juice and reduced sugar.

He had one small bag a day, following the days of the week indicated on packets. He enjoyed them, but I didn't like the texture, it was rather plasticky.

Milkybar Milk & Crunchy contains 4 mini-bars, individually wrapped. I had only a tiny bite. My white chocolate-loving guys loved this bar, and I've been looking for it for the last week or so, but haven't been able to find it anywhere locally. It has the same creamy white chocolate as the original Milkybar, with an added crispy texture.

The Smarties Sharing Block is a chocolate bar which will appeal to all Smarties' fans. It's a combination of milk chocolate with whole sugar-coated Smarties.

More sweets treats - two products from Parle. I have never come across this brand before, but apparently this is the larest selling biscuit brand in the world. Both products from Parle reminded me of the biscuits and "suhariki" (dried bread snacks which could be either sweet or savoury).
Parle G biscuits were sweet and crumbly. My older son has eaten the lot.

Parle Rusk is a light crisp toast made with real cardamom. These rusks are mildly sweet and crunchy, lovely with a cup of tea or coffee.

Moving onto the drinks - Green Lady sparkling tea comes in a stylish mini bottle. It is made with the finest natural ingredients and is a nice alternative to alcohol. Very pleasant iced drink, if you like sparkling drinks.

Rejuvenation Water is a Derbyshire spring water enriched with amino acids. It is supposed to fuel the immune system and build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety (this statement must be taken with a pinch of salt, obviously. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were true, that you can lower your anxiety or depression by drinking a bottle of spring water?!).
As a drink, it tastes lovely. I tried an Apple & Mint flavoured variety, and enjoyed it. It's very refreshing. As for my anxiety, that's another story.

Pimm's Cider Cup was a novelty drink. Before I tried it, I wasn't sure these two flavours will work. But I was pleasantly surprised. It is an excellent summer drink, full of flavours. I can imagine it will be splendid in a grown-up jelly.

I do use sweeteners with coffee and tea, though I tend to buy different brands. Canderel Sugarly tastes and looks just like sugar but has zero calories. I haven't yet tried it in baking, only added it to hot drinks.

Popchips! We love Popchips, and I have already tried the latest Limited edition flavours when they first appeared in the supermarkets. Popchips Sea Salt, Caramelised Onion & Thyme is a lovely addition to the tasty guilt-free range. They are crispy, crunchy and delicious.

Veetee is another staple in my kitchen. My favourite is Thai Jasmine rice. You can keep it for ages, and reheat in minutes as a side dish for any meat or vegetable course.
There were two varieties of Veetee rice in the box - Basmati and Wholegrain Brown Rice & Quinoa blend.

I used a pack of basmati rice to make a fried mushrooms rice dish with axotic mushrooms, peas and beans + a good glug of Fried rice soy sauce.

And the last item - Levi Roots Jerk sauce. What can I say? OMG! It does say Hot hot hot, and goodness, is it not?! I only used half of the sachet, while cooking the jerk chicken, and thanks goodness, I didn't use the whole lot. My eyes were watering. It is packed full of flavours, but it is probably best left for those who love eating fire.

Disclosure: I received the Degustabox for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. A nice selection of products, will have to look out for some of those.