Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Clangers magazine

All you Clangers fans, rejoice! Tomorrow is the day when the first issue of the Clangers magazine is being launched.
This brand new magazine is jam-packed with things to do. Go on a visit of the Clangers' little blue planet and do the activities along the way.
Just like all the other popular CBeebies magazines, it is bursting with stories, colouring pages, activity sheets and stickers.

The first issue is £2.99 as it is a bumper issue, but the regular price will be a bit lower at £2.85. The current issue comes with a free Clangers' whistle and a cute little Tiny. Who can resist Tiny?!
If you enjoy colouring, there is a special garden grown by Mother to colour in as you like.

Overall there are more than 30 Clanger things to discover in the magazine. It is cheerful, colourful and entertaining. Take your kids on an intergalactic magical journey.

The majority of the Immediate Media magazines including Clangers support the early years curriculum. So, you get not just the stickers, but a cute Alphabet poster, where you add the stickers and trace the letters.

Children will help Tiny and Small with their counting...

... match close-ups to their corresponding planets. And if you hold the page up to the light you will see...
Well, to find out what you will see, you'll have to buy the magazine.

Please give a warm welcome to the brand new magazine!

Disclosure: I received the preview copy for the purposes of reviewing.

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