Monday, 25 April 2016

Candy the Corgi cake

Last week Nadiya has presented the Queen with her birthday cake, and goodness gracious, the world of the social media has immediately split into two polar camps, of admirers and haters of the cake. You would have thought there was nothing of importance happening in the world but the Cakegate. The design was a bit strange, but I think the colour palette was inspired by the Royal outfits. As for the shape, the consensus is that it is a pile of hat boxes, which is fine by me. I love hats. The cake did seem a bit wonky, but hey, who am I to cast a stone?! My cakes are far from perfect, and today's creation - Candy the Corgi cake - proved just that.
How did I happen to bake a corgi cake?!

If you read my blog even occasionally, you might already know that I love culinary challenges. When Stork have invited me to recreate the cake created by GBBO winner Ed Kimber, I was glad to take part.
While creating his Candy the Corgi cake (<---check out the recipe, following the link), Ed thought of incorporating the quintessential British ingredients and the personal design. This is what Ed's cake looks like.

Image credits: Stork

I bet Her Majesty loved the cake.

Image credits: Stork

I followed the recipe closely enough, but had to adapt it, as I didn't have all the ingredients like apple sauce (I used the lemon curd instead).  After a search in a few supermarkets I managed to find the candy melts in all colours in Lakeland, but after reading the list of ingredients on the back I saw that they contain GM materials. That has put me off completely. What else could I use to make the corgi's head? I got a box of Renshaw's ready to roll icing (a pack of five colours).

A photo-taking session was one long struggle. To get a better light, I took my cake into the garden. As soon as I set it on the table, it started to rain. Grabbing the cake, I ran inside the house. Setting up the scene on the table, every time I lifted the camera, the dog's ears kept falling off. So, my corgi definitely looks a bit battered.

But as they say, the proof of the pudding and all that... Did it taste nice? My family gave it thumbs up. Eddie wanted to eat the sugar paste, but I told him it's for decoration only (he did manage to steal the sugary ears). They were kind not to criticize the floppy lop-sided ears.

After struggling with my Corgi cake today, I admit that I would never-ever be critical of anyone's cakes, however wonky they might happen to be.

And my fellow bloggers had fun with their Corgi bakes as well:
If you fancy having a look how Cheryl from Madouse Family Reviews managed with her challenge, check out her Candy the corgi cake post, she did a splendid step-by-step, with a clever solution to the head problem.
Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust sculpted the corgi's head with melted chocolate and added raisins for the nose, have a look at her lovely Corgi cake.
Wendy from Inside the Wendy's House baked an epic Corgi chocolate traybake. Kudos for a fabulous twist on the task!
MummyBeBeautiful has created a very cute dog with soulful eyes, have a look at her Corgi cake. I love it that all our dogs are so different.

Disclosure: I received vouchers to buy the ingredients for the cake in order to test the recipe.


  1. It looks fantastic, you absolutely nailed it ! I'd say it's even cuter than the original so a big well done to you. I did have a giggle at the thought of you running in to escape the rain and the ears falling off every time you took a photo though ! ;)

    1. Thank you Cheryl! There was a bit of swearing involved when the ears kept falling off (kids were still in school, hasten to add). :)

  2. That looks amazing, so cute. Much better than my monstrous attempt! You can't tell the ears kept falling off.

    1. Thank you Alison, the ears were much more straight when I started, then got truly wonky, lol

  3. Nailed it! Your cake actually looks better. This is so cute and the lil crown really just makes it even better!