Friday, 30 October 2015

Schleich Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs. Do I need to say more? They fascinate both kids and adults alike. My younger son cannot have enough of the dinosaurs. He has books, toys, DVDs, he loves watching that silly guy Andy who travels in his time-machine and hobnobs with the dinosaurs. He knows more about them than I do. As soon as the latest dinosaurs from Schleich Toys' prehistoric animals range arrived, he told me who they are.
Well, I did know that the bigger guy was a triceratops.

Triceratops might look menacing, but it was a herbivore who loved eating plants. The front part of its jaw reminds of a parrot's beak. Its three horns were made of keratin, and the top horns were nearly a metre long.
It weighed as much as a small car.
Triceratops from Schleich -as all the toys from the range - is made with great attention to detail. Just look at its textured skin or the frilly ruff.

Eddie's class is studying dinosaurs this term, and he cannot wait to take his new dino toys to school to show to his class mates and teachers.

They are beautifully made, and also durable. We have had a selection of mini dinosaurs for over half a year (see my review New Mini Dino-world from Schleich), and they still look as good as new.

The Anhanguera means "old devil" in the language of the Indians, and I can see why. It looks pretty menacing. The Anhanguera was a pterosaur with a wingspan of up to 4 metres, with a small body of around 20cm long.
It had an elongated skull and very sharp teeth.

The toy is very colourful. I wonder how did the paleontologists find out what colour they might have been?

These fabulous dino toys would make a super gift for any dinosaur fan. If you're looking for ideas for Christmas, this might be a splendid Christmas stocking gift.

For the full range of prehistoric animals, visit Schleich Toys.

Disclosure: We received two toys from the range for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. These look great fun, love the outdoor photos! Definitely the best place to play with dinosaurs.

    1. Thank you Leta! They look fab, don't they? Eddie loves them