Friday, 30 October 2015

How did our Halloween Pumpkin Twitter party go? (party in pictures)

Frankenstein cupcakes

The hashtag #NickJrPumpkinParty has been trending this week on Twitter, and you might have joined in and entered a few competitions as well, both on Monday and today. But did you ever wonder what's it like in real life? What would you see if you were present at our Pumpkin party on Monday? If you're curious to find out, keep reading (with a warning: photos-overload).
This was our third Twitter party, organised with UKMumsTV. Before the party the bloggers receive a big bundle of crafts materials and suggestions for activities.

We invite guests and try to cram as many activities as possible in a couple of hours (by the end of which Mums are ready to have a rest).
If you are running a Twitter party, it's all a juggling act, as you entertain the guests, take photos and tweet-tweet-tweet.
Eddie and his friends had a fantastic time. Just look at my son, enjoying every minute of it.

First all the boys coloured a great set of masks and paper goodie bags. There were six masks to choose from including a witch, a Dracula, a bat, Frankenstein and more.

Boys were very good at colouring.

I like the creative approach to colouring, very unorthodox.

We played the game Put the wart on Wallykazam, which everyone found hilarious.

And of course, everyone appreciated the Frankenstein cupcakes. We received a batch of pre-baked cupcakes from Tesco. It's the first time I decorated the pre-baked cupcakes. But all boys loved them and asked for seconds.

Many thanks to UKMumsTV and NickJr for a wonderful supply of party goodies!
My son keeps asking when we're going to host the next party, as he can't wait.

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  1. It looks like a fabulous time was had by all :) Love the Frankenstein cupcakes !