Saturday, 24 October 2015

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

I'm always sport to try new recipes. When Rachel's Organic asked me if I'd like to bake some Halloween Spider Cupcakes, I said Yes. I knew that my guys would be more than happy to help me bake and decorate the cupcakes. I imagine we'll be doing a lot of spooky-themed baking all the week before Halloween.
We also have a little party organised on Monday for Eddie and his mates, for which we already plan to make some Frankenstein cupcakes. Watch this space.

Halloween Spider Cupcakes (recipe courtesy of Rachel's Organic)
Ingredients for Cakes 
100g plain chocolate
150g unsalted butter, softened
150g caster sugar
20g cocoa, sifted
3 eggs, beaten
125g self raising flour
1 ½tsp baking powder
2 tbsp Rachel’s Greek Style natural yogurt
Ingredients for Frosting
4tbsp golden syrup
80ml double cream
100g milk chocolate
100g plain chocolate
3tbsp Rachel’s Greek Style natural yogurt
Ingredients for Decoration
Chocolate sugar strands Smarties or similar sweets (for the eyes)
Liquorice laces or Catherine wheels
Makes: 12 cakes
Spider Cupcakes
Great for the kids for Halloween

1.Pre-heat the oven 180°C, Gas Mark 4 and line a muffin tray with paper cases
2.Put the chocolate in a heatproof bowl and microwave on medium power for 1 minute until melted, alternatively place over a pan of simmering water
3.In a mixing bowl beat the butter, caster sugar, cocoa powder and eggs, until soft and creamy. Add the flour and baking powder. Lastly add in the yogurt ensure the mixture is well combined
4.Spoon the mixture into the cases and bake for 20 minutes until risen and firm to touch. Leave to cool
5.Meanwhile in a small bowl gently heat the icing ingredients (except the yogurt). Either do this in a microwave, medium power or over a pan of simmering water until the chocolate has melted, leave to cool then add the yogurt. The frosting should be soft but not runny
6.Spoon the frosting onto each cake and carefully spread with the back of a knife. Dip each cake into chocolate sugar strands then place the Smarties for eyes, cut the liquorice laces into 8 equal pieces and push into the icing – work quickly before the frosting sets. To make the eyes stand out and a mouth simply place some of the frosting in a piping bag with a small plain nozzle and pipe for the desired effect

I followed the recipe closely enough, though slightly changed the frosting. First of all, I wasn't sure what plain chocolate is supposed to be. I used 1 dark chocolate bar, which I melted and mixed with 2tbsp of golden syrup and 2tbsp of Rachel's Greek Style natural yogurt. That was enough frosting for 12 cupcakes.
I couldn't find liquorice laces, so cut the chunky liquorice with a knife. The legs were still quite chunky and didn't bend as they should have.
Also my husband is the only person in our house who likes liquorice. So, we have put the spider's legs around for the photo shoot, then removed before eating.
And everyone is happy: boys enjoy the chocolatey cupcakes, while Daddy has a pack of liquorice just for him.

Disclosure: I received a few vouchers to buy Rachel's Organic yogurt for the purposes of testing the recipe.

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  1. These look fab ! What is it with men and licorice? In our house Madhouse Daddy is the only one to like it and in my family, my dad is the only one !