Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Rodda's and The Great Cream Robbery

Anything to do with Cornwall would always win my vote of approval. We love Cornwall, and Cornwall-based brands, like Rodda's and Kelly's. The little maiden in blue who appears as a brand logo on Rodda's packaging represents a symbol of tradition and quality. This is one of my favourite brands, and its range of dairy products is always a winner. 
When we stayed in Cornwall recently, I was overjoyed to buy some of Rodda's products which are not available locally, and even brought with us from Cornwall a big tub of clotted cream (which I can buy only in smaller size in Oxfordshire), a bottle of milk and luxurious golden butter. I wish I could buy this fabulous butter locally, as it is a superior quality. 

You might have seen promotional Rodda's clotted cream packs which appeared back in summer, mentioning a chance of winning a new book The Great Cream Robbery by James Medd and Victoria Sawdon.

We liked the book even before the story started, looking at the map of Cornwall, trying to find the little village we usually stay in. It's not on the map, but as you can see St Michael's Mount from the fields nearby, we know where it is.

This is a charming story set in Cornwall. Merryn Malone is the cleverest cat criminal in Cornwall who has a cunning plan of stealing a bowl of delicious clotted cream.

To fulfill her plan, she's looking for a partner in crime. Who would it be but a thuggish seagull Blue Min. Very apt name (play of words on Bloomin' Seagull). This July we laughed at the antics of the Cornish seagulls who are not afraid of anyone and steal food from under our noses.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful.

I loved all the little details like Cornishware and Rodda's clotted cream tubs.

Your little people will enjoy the adventures of the criminal duo. If you find a promotional tub of Rodda's, hurry to enter, as the wrap-up draw ends on 22 October 2015. For full T&Cs, check Rodda's.

Disclosure: I received the book for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. What a fun book, love the pictures. I love Rhoddas as well, so tasty

    1. It is a lovely book for kids, and yes, Rodda's products are fab. :)