Sunday, 13 September 2015

Photo diary: week 37, 365

My Mum is staying with us this month, and on Sunday I asked her to cook borscht for me. It was very tasty.

Borscht with meatballs
On Monday I was grocery shopping in Sainsbury's and couldn't resist buy Ninja Turtles pyjamas for Eddie. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

I don't often let Eddie take a scooter to school, as it's a long way, and I am worried he might steer off into the busy road. But on Tuesday I relented, and we walked a longer route via the fields, and he was very happy. Catch me if you can...

Wednesday was the day of our medical appointment at the eye clinic in Oxford. I had to take Eddie earlier from school. When we saw the eye doctor, she checked her online files and said that there must have been a mistake and we shouldn't be seen until December. I told her that I called the clinic when the letter arrived and asked. Also they promised that the next appointment would be in the local hospital, to save us the trip to Oxford. But I was assured that we were going to see two specialists, and that it should be in Oxford. She did check Eddie's eyes, but we do need to go back in December for a proper assessment. A waste of time and money. Eddie, nevertheless, had a great time in the clinic. We arrived earlier, and I had a cup of tea in the cafe, while he did the colouring. He also loved a big wooden dragon in the foyer. When we left, he said "I had a brilliant time, Mummy". I wish I shared his happiness and enthusiasm.

On Thursday I baked an Italian crostata di spaghetti with pine nuts, rocket, butternut squash and Grana Padano cheese. It was delicious.

Italian recipe

Friday: nothing much has happened. This spider in the garden looked very busy. His underbelly reminded me a bit of a painting Scream.

We've been eating apples a lot these days. I tend to add them to anything and everything I cook: salads, soups, bakes.

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  1. Eddie looks really happy about his PJs. Love your russian doll, I have one a bit like this that my dad bought back from Russia in the seventies. Must dig it out