Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dragonfly tea

Now the tea began to do its work- as it always did- and the world that only a few minutes previously had seemed so bleak started to seem less so.” (Alexander McCall Smith, The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection)

Sometimes I think the song How many ways I love you was written about tea. Passions come and go away, tea remains a true friend and solace on a hard day. Love of tea runs in my family. As a child I was fascinated by stories of Baba Varya, a distant relative on Mum's side who would drink a whole 10-litre samovar in one sitting, one tea dish after another. Now that's a commitment. I don't drink tea is such copious quantities, but cannot live without it for sure. My Mum and I share our love for flavoured, floral, herbal and fruit teas. When she visits us in summer, I introduce her to all the wonderful new teas I have tried, like Dragonfly tea. I have written about Dragonfly tea last year (see my post Dragonfly tea: finesse in a cup), and was glad to have a chance to expand my knowledge of the range.
Dragonfly tea is a British tea company which boasts a hundred years heritage of creating artisanal teas.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls is China green leaf tea.
First of all, I love the design of tins in Leaf teas of distinction range. Tea comes in stylish emerald green tins with an embossed dragonfly and swirls. Once the tea is finished, I will keep the tins and reuse them as pretty containers. 
This tea is beautiful, a feast for all senses. It's amazing how the tea leaves unfurl its tentacles in the hot water. The aroma is simply stunning, and the taste is very delicate and floral.

green tea, leaf tea
Dragonfly Tea Jasmine Dragon Pearls

China green leaf tea
Dragonfly Tea Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Luxury leaf Mao Feng Green tea is a green tea from China, "bright and fresh, with intriguing complexity and hints of peach". The brew has a delicate straw yellow green hue, and a grassy fresh taste.

china green tea
Dragonfly Tea Mao Feng

China green tea
Dragonfly tea Mao Feng

Green Gaucho organic mate tea is a blend of Mate, green tea and lemongrass. Mate also known as yerba mate or chimarrao is a traditional South American drink. It is caffeine-rich and very energizing. This well-rounded brew is perfect for an after-heavy-meal slumber. I liked the addition of lemongrass, which gives a citrus note to the hot drink.

green tea
Dragonfly Tea Green Gaucho

Vanilla Rooibos is a full-flavoured, naturally caffeine free tea. It grows in South Africa's Cedarberg mountains. It has a delicious hint of sweetness and a delicate vanilla scent from natural Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. This could be a before-bedtime cuppa, soothing, gentle and sweet.

Dragonfly Tea Vanilla Rooibos
The full range of teas is available from all major supermarkets as well as some independent shops.
All Dragonfly Speciality range is certified by The Organic Food Federation.
They don's use artificial additives, preservatives or colourings, and all their teas are GM-free.

For a full range of Dragonfly teas, visit Dragonfly tea website.

Disclosure: I received a selection of teas for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine. And as I mentioned before, I do buy teas from this brand regularly, especially Earl Grey Rooibos and Skinny Dragon.


  1. Love the story of Baba Varya, now that is someone who loves tea. I have not tried Dragonfly teas, they do look lovely

  2. I've recently been getting into drinking tea, but I'm not adventurous to try anything like that yet!

    1. Start with flavoured black teas, if that is a bit adventurous.

  3. Wow... I never realised there was that many types of tea. I am starting to get back into tea now, and starting to turn away from coffee..... say what?? My favourite tea is Assam for now. But that's a preference over fruit and herbal and the usual pg tips... I may have to try some of these though.

    1. My favourite pure black tea, without added flavour, is Tea India,I think it's the tastiest black tea