Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thomas & Friends jigsaw puzzle (Ravensburger)

Eddie loves puzzles. We have about 10 different sets, and he plays with them daily. He is also very fond of Thomas the tank engine and his friends (and who doesn't love that classic character?!). We had a two-image Thomas the tank engine puzzle from Ravensburger already, but it was getting too easy for Eddie to solve it, I believe he could probably do it with his eyes shut by now. It was time to get a new puzzle.
I searched online, and asked Eddie to pick a new puzzle. He has chosen Ravensburger Thomas and Friends 4-in-a-box Jigsaw puzzle (no.07 235 4). It comes in a sturdy box which displays four different scenes.
There are four individual puzzles, with different levels of difficulty, from 12 to 24 pieces.

The puzzle pieces are strong, and are made of special recycled board. In comparison to the other children's puzzles that tend to split if they get wet (no names), Ravensburger's board is durable. I have accidentally dropped a piece of the puzzle in tea, fished it out and dried it with a paper tissue. It looked as good as new, which I found pretty impressive.
The jigsaw puzzle pieces are cut with precision, and are easy to slot in together.

The puzzle pieces are different in size. While it is easy for little people to find the biggest pieces for a 12-piece puzzle, 20 and 24-piece puzzles are very similar in size. To make the job easier for myself, I wrote the numbers (20 & 24) on the back. I have also asked Eddie that every time he finishes the puzzle, he should put the pieces in a separate plastic bag.

The joy of puzzles is that you can do them together with your child, and help him, or let him huff and puff and complete it on his own. With a new puzzle, I usually sit next to Eddie and help him with sorting or advice (like Look for the colour on the border, or turn that jigsaw piece upside down etc). I have seen Ravensburger puzzles with 35 and 60 pieces, which is an intermediate stage on the way to more complicated 100+ piece puzzles.
Now I wonder if we should move along slowly and get a 30-piece puzzle? Or should we try 100-piece puzzles? That would definitely keep us busy.

Ravensburger is an expert on puzzles for all ages. You can follow Ravensburger on Twitter for more information and competitions (which we enter every week and keep our fingers and toes crossed).

Do your little ones love puzzles?
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  1. Looks perfect for little 'uns! Great fun.

  2. Lovely puzzles - nice clear pictures for the little ones to see. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. What is so nice about these lovely puzzles is that they are so suitable for boys and that is quite something!