Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Glamour Beauty Edit box (Latest in Beauty)

Spring has come for one day last Sunday, and promptly disappeared again. In anticipation of the warmer weather and a bit of sunshine, I treated myself to The Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest in Beauty. I might write a lot about food and parenting issues, but I am all woman, and I love my cosmetics. I have been reading Latest in Beauty's email newsletter for a while, but only recently started buying boxed kits there (I will do a separate box on the lovely Hip & Healthy Beauty Discovery box that I got last month).

I love to discover new products, be it food or cosmetics, and when they come in a nice box, who can resist? For the latest installment Glamour magazine and Latest in Beauty have partnered to create a must-have box of beauty products for the spring season 2014.

If you haven't bought their products before, they come in sturdy stylish boxes, which can be recycled as containers for any bits of paper you need to keep, like receipts, bills, articles torn out of the magazines etc. At £14.95 (plus delivery, which is free at the moment, or + £3.95 as was when I placed an order), the contents of the box are worth about £45. Of course, the bargain is only a bargain if you are going to use most of the contents (if not everything). The main selling point for me were the hair scrunchies and Burt's Bees lip balm (which I have bought in the past, and am using currently as well).

The Traceless Hair Ring from Invisibobble is a small box of three hair scrunchies. You can see them below (the third one is firmly in my hair). I love the feel of this hair ring, it doesn't pull the hair and keeps it well secure thanks to its curly zigzaggy design. Very comfy to wear. I used it in a ponytail and in a bun, it works perfectly well. A definite winner.

I don't need to introduce Burt's Bees, it is a well known and much loved brand, and rightly so. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is a reliable little product, which is always handy to have in your handbag or on the bathroom shelf. I use it through the day, and before going to bed. I love how subtle the smell is and how soft my lips are after application. It contains Vitamin E and peppermint.

The Traceless Hair Ring from Invisibobble and Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

What else do we find in the box?
L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara claims to give you super-lashes. This is a new mascara which builds natural lashes. While the name Manga was meant to appeal to younger womenfolk, don't dismiss it if you don't care a hoot for this visual language. It gives good results, perhaps not super-lashes a la Manga (in fact I would rather not. No offence to anyone who loves this quirky style, but it's not for me). It is convenient and easy to use, the brush has bristles of different lengths to give a better coverage.

L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara and Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof eyeliner in Aqua Velvet

Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua Velvet is a sleek little pencil. It has been created specially for Glamour. The colour is bright turquoise, as glorious as spring flowers.
It is pretty, and will probably look better on younger girls. For me that was a shade too bright. I think I am going to combine it with darker pencils.
Another point to keep in mind, it is not easy to remove, as it is waterproof. You will need a creamy make-up remover. I tried two of eye make-up removers, and only ended up with blue panda eyes. The creamy make-up remover though did the job.

As I was adding the photo above to my post, my little man who is sitting next to me, saw it and said: "Look, there's Mummy's eye. That's a funny picture!".

Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Foaming Shower Gel Sensation comes in a pressurised container (50ml). I haven't used it yet, only opened the top, and it smells lovely. The small size bottle means you can easily carry it in your gym bag.

Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse is another product I am yet to try. The bottle looks stylish and funky, with a Babette lookalike image on it. It promises to make your hair more bodacious.

Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paint in Tongue'n'Cheek is a pretty nail polish in bright pink with a coral undertone. I like the colour, but I don't do my nails. I have to keep them short, as this is the digging-gardening season, and even wearing gloves doesn't protect my hands from getting them dirty. This is the only product from the box that I won't be using myself. I am sure I will find someone who will be happy to wear this bright and cool nail paint.

Whether you are looking for Motherly gift inspiration or want to update your spring looks, you might consider this kit as a gift or treat to yourself.

Have you discovered The Glamour Beauty Edit Box? What are your favourite products?


  1. Looks like a nice selection - maybe you could use the nail varnish to paint your toe nails ?! :)

    1. Not sure I am ready to bare my toes in this weather. Will summer ever come? :)

  2. I'd love to try a beauty box, they look so cool.

  3. I have been on the birchbox and glossybox pages ready to commit so many times but duck out at the last minute! Always worried they will be full of things I wouldn't really use but love the idea of not knowing what is coming that month!

    1. Same here, I am not sure if I would be able to use all the things they might send, but with this box you could see in advance what you get. I have been toying with an idea of Degustabox, but again, seeing some blog reviews, don't think we'd make use of all the food & drink items they send.

  4. Hi Galina, I love beauty products! Do you recommend this box?

    1. Yes, I would recommend it. I gave away the nail polish, as I wouldn't use it myself, but all the other products that I have tried are lovely.

  5. Hi Galina, I love beauty products! Do you recommend this box?