Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Easter Pick Me Up (Hotel Chocolat)

When the postie brings you chocolate, you feel like giving him a big hug. Especially if it is the chocolate from a luxury brand like Hotel Chocolat. Easter Pick Me Up from Hotel Chocolat is a chocolate gift perfect for sharing. You get a selection of treats in one packet: White praline bunnies, Salted caramel foiled egglets and Raspberry Zinger egglets. This cheerful selection offers treats for the whole family, from kids-friendly bunnies to salted caramel mini-eggs with a more grown-up flavour.

Salted caramel is one of my favourite flavours to go with chocolate, it is simply a marvellous combination. Foiled egglets were prettily presented in a transparent bag tied with a ribbon. Festive and tempting. And a very manageable size too.
I would love to know the exact calorie count per egg, but could only find a total amount - 250kcal per serving (which is a very generous serving of 3 praline bunnies & 1 foiled egglet, or 2 bunnies and 2 raspberry egglets). I think each egglet is roughly 62.5kcal (not bad at all for a non-fasting day).

Bite into a chocolatey treat, and be surprised by a sweet'n'salty lava of liquid salted caramel. Or let it melt slowly in your mouth, chocolate and caramel going all gooey (OK, I swallow as I write, they were so good). A lovely treat!

I'm not the biggest fan of the white chocolate, but all my men love it. In fact that's the only photo of the White praline bunnies that I had a chance to take, as they all disappeared very fast. When I asked my guys what they thought, they said "Really good" and "Delicious, Mummy!", so I have to trust their words and my eyes. Not a crumb was left for me to try. They looked very cute, with a thick layer of white chocolate over the praline.

Then there is a small set of four Raspberry Zinger Egglets. I was happy to discover that they have a raspberry and lime flavoured ganache inside the chocolate shell, which is again made of white chocolate with vanilla seeds and natural colouring (beetroot). These pink egglets (as well as the salted caramel ones) would look gorgeous on an Easter cake. Or make the grown-up version of egg nest cakes and add an egglet as a sophisticated decoration.

It goes without saying that Hotel Chocolat has a wide selection of Easter eggs and treats for all ages and tastes. The choice is incredibly varied, but there are a couple of Easter gifts that made me smile: Egg and chips (a humorous take on the British classic) the & You Crack Me Up Extra Thick Egg (with adorable smiley pralines and chicks).

I plan to send my husband to Oxford (our nearest Hotel Chocolat shop) and buy these gifts for our boys for Easter.

Disclosure: I received an Easter Pick Me Up from Hotel Chocolat for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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