Thursday, 19 April 2012

Peppa goes to Eddie's Birthday Party: a customised book from Penwizard (review)

There is an ongoing discussion in Radio Times on the token female characters in children's cartoons. They claim that there are no central female characters on Cbeebies. Apparently there are not enough female role models for tots. They must have forgotten Peppa Pig. It is Peppa and her Mummy who are the leading characters, and they are far from being token females.
Peppa, a mischievious little imp of a pig, appeals to both boys and girls. She is adorable, funny and determined.
Eddie is very fond of Peppa. He has Peppa toys and books in his collection. He even has a scarf and a hat with George, they are his favourite, and so far I failed to convince Eddie that they are more suitable for winter, he insists on wearing them rather than a summer-style hat.
As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be offered an opportunity to receive a personalised Peppa Pig book for Eddie. I just knew how delighted he would be.

Penwizard, a company that produces personalised children's books, has several books in Peppa Pig series.
The books have both customised pictures and stories.
I have chosen a book under the working title "Peppa Goes to Your Child's Party".
The process of ordering and customising was very straighforward. You have to select a gender and a hairstyle for your book character, as well as a few other facial features (eye, skin, hair colour), add an age which will appear on the balloon and write a message for your child. And of course, you child will be the main character of the book, meeting the lovely Peppa and  Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony, Emily Elephant and Candy Cat.

The order arrived promptly.
When Eddie saw a book about his favourite character, he was ecstatic. He was even happier when he understood that he is also a character in the book.

The book is very bright and cheerful, the story is easy enough for a tot to appreciate it.

The book costs £14.99 plus postage, which is more expensive than standard paperbacks for children.
Of course, customised books are always more expensive.
It makes a great birthday gift, but if I decide to order any other from the range, I guess I will wait until there is an offer of a free postage or a good discount.

Taking into consideration the price, I should mention that seeing your child so happy with the book is priceless.

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  1. Great review thank you - my two girls love anything Peppa Pig!