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Autistic Acrostic by Melinda Smith

Autistic Acrostic

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This poem is for all of us ASD parents who have had a ’moment of clarity’ in the middle of one of their child’s meltdowns.
Incidentally, the poem is an acrostic, meaning the initial letters of all the lines spell out a word or message. Can you read what it is?

Autistic Acrostic

Any day now, it will lift.
Under your mask of howls, I see
Two knowing eyes reproaching me,
Incensed that I should try to shift
Some blame, for this, our hell, to you.
Mummy feels like howling too.

First published in Quadrant, Volume LIII, No.4, April 2009


There are days when I feel like howling too. There is always a feeling of guilt, a deep ache: would I have been able to prevent my son's pain and frustration? What if? What if? Is it my fault?
Sometimes when I don't sleep for several nights in a row, when my son's sleeping disorder affects him to the extreme, when he is being very volatile, challenging and difficult, I also feel like running into the wilderness and howling like a she-wolf at the Moon in frustration and anger: why?

Melinda Smith speaks for me and for all Mums of children with autism.

If you are a parent of a child with autism or if you just love poetry, you might have heard that Melinda Smith's book "First... Then..." is out. To read more about the book, please follow the link.  It will give you all the information on how you can buy the book.

I wish I could come to the launch of the book, but as it is impossible, I stretch my arms for a very warm hug across the world to say Congratulations and Thank you for being the Voice of Autism!

P.S. This poem has been reposted with the kind permission of the author.


  1. Very poignant photos of you both and a touching poem. Love to you all x


  2. Thanks for the link to Melinda's book; her poetry sums up so much of autism. Lovely photo of your son as well. Deb x