Thursday, 5 April 2012

Grandpa in search of love

Lonely hearts ad: I am a good looking chap. Don't have bad habits. Looking for romance.

In them good old days I was a sailor.

I used to date a giggly Russian girl who loved her food.

The single farmer next door said her hands are full already, what with all her livestock and the farm, and she is not looking for a relationship.

I might have a free bus pass...

... but I am still young at heart, and I am looking for a companion to spend the days lounging together, watching TV and listening to the birds in the garden.

P.S. You might be asking what's all this about and whether I have lost the plot.
Actually, I haven't. John Crane Ltd have been sending a hundred wooden granpas and grandmas to bloggers around the UK. To see our adventurous grannies and grandpas, have a look at John Crane Facebook wall and/or visit the Blog-Match.