Sunday, 30 October 2011

Our Meg and Mog pumpkin

I never celebrated Hallowe'en as a child, it was something kids did in the States, a totally alien concept. And though I am still not exactly a convert, I thought it might be fun to carve a pumpkin for my guys.
I did not want anything scary or threatening, just something gentle and toddler-friendly.
As we love Meg and Mog stories, it was a natural choice.


  1. wow what a great pumpkin were goign to carve ours this afternoon.. :)

  2. Aww lovely! I adore meg and mog ;o)

  3. Lovely. This is great!

  4. Like you, I never grew up celebrating Halloween. Its so funny now, to see my nephews and nieces getting into it big time.

    I do love your carved pumpkin. I've only carved one pumpkin in my life, nothing like yours.Its fab.

  5. I also didn't grow up celebrating Halloween and its only in recent years that it has become more of a feature. As you know I'm still not keen on it, particularly the trick or treating but I do like carving pumpkins though mine are nothing as good as yours. Great photos too.

    Deb at

  6. What a wonderful design - I've never done a design on pumpkins, only faces!

    @ beachrambler

  7. Thanks for the message on Twitter, I'll try again x
    Fantastic designs, well done!
    We had a fireworks party last week and we held a competition for the best pumpkin. The adults were so competetive! We had some very traditional designs but we also had a pumpkin cake, we ate that, much tastier than real pumpkin! Papier mache creations and even one made from a melon due to a pumpkin shortage.

  8. OMG How cool! I thought I'd take a lok at your blog for Halloween ideas and hey presto - found this!!! A work of art! And I bet you are even better at carving 2 years later!

    1. Still trying to decide on this year's theme. What would you suggest?