Friday, 21 October 2011

Heston Blumenthal's olive oil and vanilla biscuits (review)

Just in case I have some friends coming to visit me at a very short notice, I decided to try some new Heston Blumenthal's biscuits.

Heston Blumenthal’s frozen dough packs mean you can have a plate full of biscuits in just 15 minutes after you take them out of the freezer. There are twelve biscuits per pack and they come in three Heston-derful flavours: olive oil and vanilla, chocolate and caraway, and almond and marzipan. £3.79 for 12, available at Waitrose.
It was very easy to bake a batch of biscuits, the kitchen smelled lovely.
As for the taste, I cannot say I was impressed. If anything, they were a tad disappointing. For £3.79 for a pack of biscuits I expected something a bit more inspired. You can hardly taste the vanilla in them. However, the texture is right, nice and crumbly. I just wish there was more vanilla.
Will I buy them again? Probably not. But I might be tempted to try the other two varieties.


  1. I haven't come across these before...look like interesting combinations! Would love to read what you thought of the other two varieties.

  2. These look delicious - thanks for the review!