Saturday, 2 March 2019

Photo diary: week 9, project 365

Last week has passed in a blur, and hopefully the next week will be quieter for me.

Sunday is often a mad day of grocery shopping, homework for Eddie, a pile of ironing, and other boring chores.
Eddie went out with his Dad to the play ground (my husband took this photo).

On Monday we went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday (it was later in the week, but that was the night when Sash was staying overnight at his respite centre).
We went to The Fleece, which was one of top 20 pubs in the UK over 10 years ago. I've been there before, and find it vert much hit and miss. Sometimes the meals are excellent, sometimes disappointing.
With the current menu there is hardly any choice for vegetarians. Looking at the mains, it was either a beetroot salad or Moroccan spice vegetable tagine with beetroot barley. For someone who doesn't like beetroot (looking at you, dear husband) it's not exactly a good choice.
I know we should have checked the menu in advance. But the wine was good, the ice cream and cheese were excellent, and the warm mini loaf of bread with garlic butter was delicious. It's the mains which were a letdown.
We walked home through the dark town centre, and looked at St Mary's church in the distance.

On the way home we wanted to stop by a sewing shop, which we passed by earlier. It was dimly lit from inside, and there were four headless mannequins deep in the store. They looked so creepy, as if they were moving towards the door. So Eddie and I wanted to show the sinister-looking mannequins to his Dad. It happened so, that as soon as we approached the shop and stopped by the glass door, the lights inside went out. Eddie screamed: Run!
We were running home, and laughing that the zombies were after us. And that's how we rock.

I love cheese, and enjoy trying new flavours. I bought this French goat's cheese coated with petals in Waitrose. It looks so pretty, and is lovely with grapes and sourdough crispbreads.

More food pics - this is an aubergine, tomato and sweet pepper appetizer, something similar to Italian caponata or Hungarian Lecs├│. I like it cold, straight from the fridge, on a nice chunk of bread.

It was a downpour on my birthday. I came home after the school run with a hat soaked through.
I snapped this crocus later in the day, when I needed to pick up some stuff from the summerhouse. I keep ice cream in the freezer there, as well as a stash of crisps and some chocs. If I hide them at home, Sash will definitely find them and gobble up.
It was a super busy day for me. I met one friend in the morning to have a coffee together, then another friend treated me to a lunch. Needless to say, I was totally stuffed by mid-afternoon.

Hazelnut trees are in full bloom right now. They are pretty, but they are also a hay fever irritant, and Sash needs his medication when catkins release their heady pollen.

Today we once again took a bus to Oxford. This time we visited the Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers. Eddie and I were more interested in the minerals.
This Nantan iron meteorite is from the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, and is as old as the Earth itself. Isn't it amazing?!
You're allowed to touch it. Eddie and I were joking that he might turn into an alien after he touched it.


  1. Pity about the meal - it does seem bizarre to offer two beetroot dishes for vegetarians. You'd think they'd want to offer a genuine choice. Your trip to Oxford sounds fun - I do like the Pitt Rivers museum.

    1. Thank you, Erica, it did look like a lazy vegetarian option, which is strange, as I know they do vegan nights there too, so they must know how to cook a variety of veggie meals.

  2. Glad you had a lovely birthday - I hope you had a good choice for the meal. Love the zombie story and you've reminded me, my hayfever has gone - woohoo ! I read somewhere once about your senses renewing themselves every seven years I think, so hopefully I won't be suffering this year :)

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, my hayfever is not as bad as Sash's, I manage without meds most of the time, even if the pollen makes me sneeze a lot. But meds make me super drowsy.

  3. It sounds like you had a fun time out on Monday despite the rubbish main courses.
    I'm not a big cheese lover but that one does look so pretty.
    Happy belated birthday to you! x

  4. Sounds like you had a great time out. Shame the main courses weren't great. Belated happy birthday to you. Hope you had a good time xx

  5. Shame about the menu selection for you. That cheese looks amazing. We're lucky to have such a great museum close to home aren't we #365

  6. Happy belated birthday to you! I love that you have a secret hiding place for food. I think I need one of those too - my 17 year old never stops eating. The meteorite is definitely amazing! The cheese looks amazing too. What a shame about your meal and all of the beetroot!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a good day.

    The vegetarian options really do need to improve! That cheese looks so pretty..never seen one like that before!

    Had to laugh at the zombie story....sounds fun.

  8. We are lucky to have these museums on our doorsteps to learn about the world we live in #365

  9. Hate it when you spend money on a meal out to be disappointed with the food.
    The cheese with petals loos very pretty but not so sure I would fancy it.
    Happy belayed birthday, nice to have friends to spoil you

  10. happy Birthday, sorry most of the meal wasn't up to scratch for you all. I laughed out loud at the zombie encounter

  11. I'm not sure I fancy cheese with petals! I really want to go to the Natural History Museum in Oxford and the asteroid looks fascinating #project365