Sunday, 3 March 2019

Children’s World Map 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger (180 Pieces)

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Midterm break whizzed past like an arrow - blink and you miss it. We've been reading a lot, playing games, watching Netflix, baking cookies and, of course, doing puzzles.

Children's World Map 3D puzzle from Ravensburger is an excellent educational gift for any school age child.
This globe is a great way to introduce a child to world geography.
Open the box to discover 180 curved puzzle pieces and a display stand which allows for the finished globe to be rotated.

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All the plastic pieces are curved and have numbers on the back, plus a little arrow pointing where the next piece should slot in.

The pieces are perfectly crafted and don't need a glue to hold the globe together.

My son loved the puzzle, and didn't want any help. I confess my hands were itching to have a go, but no, he didn't want me to meddle.

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The finished globe measures 20cm and goes on the display stand. The design shows different animals on the continents where they live. There are also some famous landmarks as well as transport and buildings typical of the areas where they appear, for example, there is a wooden house in Siberia, and Taj Mahal in India.

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The globe is easily assembled, and would be easy to disassemble if you wish to keep it in a box.
It will make a lovely gift for young children, who are learning about geography and zoology. It's not just an entertaining jigsaw puzzle, but an educational tool as well.

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This puzzle is not suitable for children under 3 due to small pieces.

Our only suggestion is that it would have been great to have a leaflet with information on all animals per country. I'm no zoologist, and couldn't quite figure out what some of the animals are.
For example, when looking for the place where my Mum lives, we could see a goat or deer-like animal, but I have no clue what it is supposed to be. I even discussed it with my Mum on the phone.
From my description she couldn't guess it.
And a leaflet with data on the animals per country would be a great way to learn about their names.

Eddie loves his globe. In fact, when we were in Oxford before Christmas, looking at the gifts, he spotted a few differently-sized globes and told me he would love to have a globe in his room.
And now his wish is granted.

Disclosure: We received the puzzle for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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  1. The puzzle looks fab. I agree with you that there should be a sheet with details about the animals or at least the names. It's a shame, because the puzzle is very cute otherwise and it would have been so much better.