Saturday, 2 February 2019

Photo diary: week 5, project 365

Thank goodness it's finally February. January seemed never-ending. The spring flowers are already starting to appear in the garden.
Last week was a mix of warm and cold here. We've been shivering on what appears to be the coldest day for the last seven years, and we've got snow as well.

Every Sunday evening Eddie has a guitar practice before his lesson on Monday. This time he was learning Seven Nations Army chords. We even watched a video on Youtube on how to play it.

Monday was another abysmal day for me, as I had to go back to the "demon dentist". Friends saw me moaning on Facebook about how awful I felt afterwards. As the tooth is very much at the back, the access is quite tricky, and the dentist put some sort of contraption in my mouth. If you've seen the Willy Wonka film with Johnny Depp, it was similar to that, a terrible frame to keep a mouth open wide. Plus there was a plastic sheet on top.
I couldn't breathe properly, was panicking, and it made me gag. On top of that torture, the local anesthesia has frozen half of my face, including the muscles of one eye, which has totally freaked me out.
There is still one more visit to complete the job. I don't know how I will find any courage.
I have a phobia of dentists as it is, but after this treatment I am even more terrified of them.
Didn't take any photos on Monday, as I was feeling crappy.

On Tuesday I cooked a ready-made French meal - Cod loin with black rice. It wasn't too bad, but nothing "to write home about" either. Won't be buying it again.

The crocuses in the garden are beginning to shoot spears out of the ground. I picked a little bunch of crocuses and snowdrops, and the scent was so wonderfully delicate when they started to open up indoors.

Eddie enjoys reading the Beast Quest series. I've spotted this bunch of BQ book in the Oxfam shop and took a photo for Eddie to decide if he wants me to buy any of them. I did buy only one book.
When we visited the shop today, all the books were gone.

Friday, yay! Finally we have got snow. Eddie's been wishing for snow for a few weeks. Ever so hopeful that he'd be able to have a snowball fight.

I woke up on Friday morning, checked up the school websites, both were closed. I went back to bed, telling Eddie to keep sleeping, as there was no school. And of course, he couldn't go back to sleep after that, too excited about the snow.
Before we even ventured in the garden, I could see a lot of trails in the snow. That must have been a cat, who wandered everywhere in the garden, then left over the wall.

And another photo from yesterday. We found these two foodie snowmen by Cafe Rouge.
When we walked there today, they were gone. It's not because they've melted, no, it's some nasty b^*&%^$s who demolished them.

Today Eddie got his much-coveted snowball fight.


  1. January did seem to last forever.
    The visit to the dentist sounds awful. I hope the next visit is easier.
    hehehe. I don't think my two would sleep either if they knew there was snow outside. Those snowmen are very impressive! Such a shame someone demolished them.

  2. Wow. You do have a lot of snow. We didn't have a lot in Liverpool, but we are now in holiday and we do enjoy a bit of snow.

  3. Hopefully your tooth is feeling better now and the pain has stopped. Big hugs - not a fun time. Lovely to see the snowy pictures - we only had a little bit that lasted a couple of hours once the sun came up. No such thing as snow days here either - boo ! xxx

  4. It's great that your snow lasted so long. You had a lot! Sorry to hear about the dentist, it sounds horrendous. My son used to love Beast Quest books. We've got so many of them at home!

  5. You had a bit more snow than us. I can't believe people are so miserable to bash down other people's snowmen. Hope the dental treatatment gets fixed.

  6. Love the snowmen, seems like you had a lot of snow. I've not heard of the Beast Quest books. Sorry you're having such a bad time at the dentists and it will hopefully be over soon

  7. So much snow, very jealous! I have a tooth that has broken in half, but like you, I really don't like the dentist, so for now I am just putting it off until it starts to hurt!

  8. yeeehhh to the snowball fight, great fun.
    What a shame the books had gone time you got back.
    Remind me never to have root canal treatment, I hate the feeling of gagging and being out of control and not a dentist lover either. Hope you find the courage to carry on.

  9. Hope your next trip to the dentist is a nicer one, there is nothing worse especially if you already have a phobia! I'm very jealous of your snow though

  10. I remember the BQ days. We had so many out of the library. We have a few kicking around here too. Hope you get the tooth sorted out soon.

  11. The snowball fight sounds so much fun. Hope your next trip to the dentist is smoother xx

  12. There were shrieks of delight here to have a snowball fight. I don’t envy you the dentist, I also have issues with them. I hope the next round of work goes better for you #365

  13. Love a great charity shop. My hubby on the other hand usually cries out not another book! He's not a fan of reading. #365