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Roots Collective Blends (review and recipe ideas)

"We're not a juice. We're not a smoothie. We're a Blend!" is Roots Collective's motto.
These days the choice of fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies is vast, with new brands appearing on the market almost overnight. Yet most of these healthy drinks are a mix of both veg and fruit.

Roots Collective has revolutionised snacktime by launching the UK's first and only range of whole vegetable Blends.

The main difference between blends and smoothies is the vegetable content, it is at least 80%. No fruit juice is added to blends, so there is less sugar. They are low calorie (at about 127kcal per 230g bottle), and dairy free. They have a thick consistency and offer a filling fibre hit.
There is a quarter kilo of vegetables used in each blend.
You can have them cold or hot, add them as ingredients to different recipes.
I received a selection of Roots Collective blends earlier this month.

healthy vegetable drinks

There are five inspired flavours to choose from.

Sweet Beet is a blend of beetroot, red pepper, honey & lime. I do love beetroot, but nobody else likes it in our family. Beets have a distinct earthy taste. This drink has a beautiful intense colour and sweet taste.

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I fancied trying one of the recipes sent to me by email.
It was meant to be a Valentine's day recipe - Sweet Beets Breakfast. I didn't make it for that particular occasion, as beets and oats don't quite scream Romance to me.
Or maybe they do, for very health-conscious couples.
I have halved the recipe, which is easily done.

oats soaked in vegetable blend

Sweet Beets Breakfast Recipe (serves 2)
1 bottle of Roots Collective Sweet Beets
2 peeled and coarsely grated apples
6 tbsp of rolled porridge oats
2tbsp of chia seeds
1tbsp flaked almonds
2tbsp plain yogurt
Mix the Roots Collective Sweet Beets, grated apples, rolled porridge and chia seeds in a mixing bowl, stirring thoroughly.
Top with plain yogurt and flaked almonds and divide between two serving bowls.
It is probably best made with Bircher muesli oats, and soaked overnight for a creamier consistency. I used fresh figs instead of flaked almonds, and haven't added yogurt either.
Overall, it's not something I would want to repeat in a hurry.
Red pepper was not quite right there for me. I'd prefer a tomato, or carrot for a borscht-like flavour, though not with oats.

Carrot Zing is made with carrots, root ginger, coconut milk, lime juice and a dash of honey.
This blend was probably my top favourite, as I love all the ingredients included in it. It has a lively bright colour and refreshing zingy taste.
Heated up, it will make a lovely bowl of soup.

healthy vegetable juice

Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust used it to make Fruity carrot noodles, a lovely salad or side dish for the main meal. Check out her delicious recipe.

Garden Greens is a refreshing medley of cucumber, mint and peas. I imagine in summer it will make a delightful cold soup, served with a dollop of soured cream or Greek yogurt.

healthy snacks and drinks

I used it to cook a courgette and asparagus risotto. As an ingredient for cooking, Garden Greens added a beautiful flavour to the vegetarian meal.

vegetarian recipes

Asian Sling is an exotic combination of sunshine yellow peppers, carrot, spinach, lemongrass and coriander.
There are also added notes of honey, coconut milk and avocado, as well as red chilli and lime zest. It is an interesting combination of flavours, reminiscent of stir fries and curries.

Green Warrior is a mighty blend of courgette, spinach, cucumber, lime juice, avocado, coconut milk and honey with a pinch of fresh parsley and chives. That's another great contender for risottos.
Roots Collective suggest to create a salsa verde with this blend, with added oil and garlic.

For a full range of Roots products and more recipe inspiration, check out Roots Collective.

Disclosure: I received a selection of blends for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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