Friday, 3 February 2017

365 Little Things 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

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If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles with intricate patterns and great attention to detail, you will be thrilled to discover a new addition to Ravensburger range - 365 Little Things 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.
I'm a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles, and find them a very relaxing hobby. My favourite puzzles are with lots of details.

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365 Little Things is exactly that - a big pattern of knick knacks, curios, trinkets and mini ornaments  one for every day of the year. Here you will find a selection of netsuke, gaming pieces, antique coins, seashells, rocks and crystals, marbles, thimbles, badges
This wonderful illustration of a collector's stash of mini objects was created by Mike Spike. The design is intricate and complex. As you go along, adding piece to piece, you discover one fascinating detail after another including worry dolls, an old walnut, a fluffy feather, miniature food items for the dolls' house...

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The image is bright and colourful.
Once finished, the puzzle measures 49x36cm.
It is suitable for ages 10+. Ravensburger puzzles are well known for their high quality premium grade cardboard jigsaw pieces which easily slot together. The cardboard has a linen finish print to minimise glare on the puzzle image.

best jigsaw puzzles

This was the first time I worked on Mike Spike's design, and I have totally enjoyed it. I will be looking forward to getting to know more of his artwork for jigsaw puzzles. In fact, as my birthday is coming by the end of this month, I might just put some puzzles on my wish list.
It was a real pleasure to assemble this jigsaw puzzle. I imagine any puzzle lover will be happy with such a beautiful gift.

Disclosure: I received the puzzle for purposes of reviewing. All opinions are entirely my own.

Ravensburger 500-piece puzzles

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