Sunday, 30 October 2016

Are you ready for Halloween?

The weekend has been so hectic, I had no time to carve our Halloween pumpkin yet. That's going to be my task tomorrow morning after I take Eddie to school. Eeek, wish me well. But otherwise we're more or less ready.
This weekend I had to accompany Eddie to a birthday party. The party was Halloween-themed, and was a great success, with a fancy cake shaped as a graveyard, complete with a ghost, graves, pumpkins and other spooky paraphernalia. All kids and many parents were dressed up for the occasion.
I was wearing just my "normal" clothes. While putting on a hat to go out to watch a scientific experiment (part of the show), a charming elderly gentleman came up to me, smiled and said "I didn't recognise you without your uniform", to which I beautifically smiled and mumbled something non-committal. 
(Just for your information - I don't have a uniform of any kind, and never had). Perhaps I should have come dressed as a witch.
He later came up to me when the disco started, saying Good bye as it was too noisy and he got a headache. He kissed my shoulder, said "Save the last dance for me!" and left. I was giggling to myself. 

Eddie categorically refused to dress up into a "proper" Halloween garb, he's got two ninja costumes to choose from - one is Ninja Kids Morphsuit (you can find it on Morphsuits)...

and another green ninja costume I found on amazon while browsing (we often browse for random ninja stuff online, as you do).

A couple of days ago we received a package of Halloween face painting items from CircusCircus and those wonderfully greenish horror fangs which are supposed to be glowing in the dark. I told Eddie that if he gets it into his head to come in my bedroom in the night wearing these Dracula teeth, he's in for trouble.
(31/10 update: He was very keen to wear them to school this morning, but I don't think our school would approve).

CircusCircus specialises in party wear, party accessories and fancy dress. If you haven't decided yet what to wear at Halloween, they have a range of themed masks and outfits. Some of them are way too scary to look at before bedtime, methinks I need a calming chamomile tea after looking at the Clown and Gnome masks (I do have a phobia of both).

A witch's hat is very fetching. I had one similar to this one a few years ago, I wonder where could it be. Our house is like a black hole - things disappear without a trace.

We have enough treats, all ready for tomorrow. We won't be doing any trick-or-treating, as a lot of our neighbours are pensioners and obviously not into Halloween mood.
What about you?

Disclosure: we received a few Halloween products from CircusCircus. All opinions are ours.

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