Saturday, 9 July 2016

Photo diary: week 27, 366

July is moving towards the school holidays quite slowly, and we can't wait for the school to be over.

Eddie and I glanced up as we left our house early in the morning, only to see this fluffy cloud above. It looked a bit like an angel who flapped its wings in joy.

This pretty red flower catches my eye every day I walk into town. I didn't know its name, but after a short discussion on Facebook, the general consensus was that it is a crocosmia.

More dramatic skies on Wednesday. I snapped these anxious clouds in the town centre. I thought they would look more arty in black and white.

In the last week I made this simple strawberry and blackberry salad a couple of times. The berries were soaked in Pimm's for a few hours for the flavours to develop. A grown-up dessert, so summery and bursting with colours.
summer dessert

I recently won a selection of TG green teas. This ginger-flavoured green tea was refreshing and zingy.

flavoured green tea

Today we had a colourful carnival parade in the town centre. The pipers' band takes part every year, and they are very good. Always a pleasure to listen to them.


  1. Love both sky shots! That fruit salad sounds amazing, yum :) Would love to have heard the pipe band x

    1. Thank you Sara! The pipers are very good

  2. Like your cloud angel picture. The colour in your berry salad is great and I like the lime peel as a decoration.

    1. Thank you Elaine! We enjoy looking at the clouds and "guessing" the shapes.