Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Venice Mini Collection by Biscuiteers: una meraviglia!

Venice, a glorious city with its unique singular setting, rich Byzantine heritage, a cosmopolitan character and original visual world, has always attracted admirers of art and has inspired many artists, poets and craftsmen. I visited Venice several times, and was left in awe with the city's breathtaking architecture, shimmering canals and the sparkling expanse of the lagoon. If you've ever travelled through its distinctive realm, you will be thrilled to see a marvel of sugar and baking craft from Biscuiteers - its Venice Mini Collection.

fancy biscuits

Everything is about the great aesthetic here. A sturdy tin is decorated with the scenes of Venice, a carnival mask and gondoliers.

best biscuits

Open the box to discover its treasures, layer by layer. The pink tissue paper is a lovely touch.

Biscuits themsleves are vanilla-flavoured (and they are very tasty, but we'll get back to it later).
Venice Mini Collection is a keepsake tin in the true meaning of the word. I am definitely keeping this tin, once all the biscuits are gone.
The art of icing is amazing. You get nine differently shaped and decorated biscuits: masks, a gondolier, iconic sites like St Mark's lion and Rialto Bridge, and a plate of spaghetti as well.

This tin costs £30, not cheap, but if you think about it, each biscuit is individually decorated, with great attention to detail. I have done icing biscuits myself, and know how time-consuming it can be. So, if you take into account the time and craftsmanship gone into creating just one tin, then £30 is a very reasonable price. Plus, it would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

My son Eddie was most taken with the spaghetti biscuit, as spaghetti is one of his favourite meals. He was amazed to see the tiny fork tucked into a plate of pasta with the tomato sauce and basil leaves.

mail biscuits

Each biscuit is a work of art.
And they taste great as well, not too sweet, with a lovely flavour of vanilla. I offered one of the biscuits to a friend, with whom we had coffee earlier today. She absolutely loved it, and said she was going to buy this tin for her Easter lunch and share it with her family. We both marvelled at the beautiful elegant designs.

If you were lucky to receive one of Biscuiteers tins as a gift or treated yourself to one, and have kept the tin, there is  wonderful creative competition What's In Your Tin? going on. The Biscuiteers say:
"We want you to show us how you use yours, then we'll place your picture in our gallery and send the best entry a ginger of your choice every week! The overall winner will receive our brand new Venice Collection".
How does this sound? Do you keep your crafting stash in it, like ribbons and buttons? or perhaps a stamping kit? Did your little girl has squirreled it away to keep her treasures?
This is a kind of competitions that I enjoy taking part, and I plan to join in once none of the luxury biscuits are gone.

Biscuiteers also run masterclasses on icing and decorating the biscuits. That sounds like an amazing day out for me. One day I will treat myself to an icing lesson. In the meantime, I have a lovely Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits to drool over (I got one from The Book People, hurry, before they all get snapped).
The beauty of Biscuiteers products is exceptional, and they have a splendid selection to suit all tastes and occasions. Just have a look at their Easter eggs biscuits, which can rival grand old Faberge himself. And among the latest releases you will find adorable Mr Men and Little Miss biscuits. Who needs flowers when you can have such wonderful treats?!

Disclosure: I received a Venice Mini Collection tin for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. What gorgeous biscuits. I loved Venice when we went

  2. Goodness, didn't know biscuits could be so artistic, such detail. Great post

    1. If you visit their site, you're in for a treat! Such a feast for eyes