Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Recharge your batteries with Gluco

My mornings are always hectic. Once my boys leave for school in the morning (the older one takes the school bus, the younger one is taken to the nursery by my husband), I have so many things to do. Grocery shopping, library, picking up a prescription, laundry, ironing, a million of tasks that parents do. Sometimes I run into the house at 11am, drop the shopping and run out again to pick up Eddie from the nursery. As I don't drive, I walk miles and miles on a daily basis. And though it keeps me relatively fit, I also feel quite tired by mid-afternoon. Having heard about Gluco tabs and juice, I was curious to find out just how these products work to combat the fatigue and weariness. "Gluco provides natural, fast-acting glucose to your body and mind in the most convenient, fruity way possible". There are several tasty flavours to choose from.

Gluco tabs/Blueberry Burst are big sized glucose tablets. There are 10 tablets per pack, in a convenient plastic container which can be easily slipped inside a purse.
They taste slightly chalky and sweet, quite pleasant. I noticed that they keep my afternoon slumber at bay.

Gluco Juice - Very Berry comes in a 60ml plastic bottle, again very convenient to carry around, just slip in your handbag.
"Like a can of Popeye's spinach, only without the risk of coming out in lumps, try our Very Berry Gluco juice for that tasty burst of fast acting glucose".
It is very sweet and fruity (as in fruit juice for children). A neat little perk me up for busy parents on the go.
As my older son has autism and sleeping disorder, he can often go on through the day on just a few hours of sleep. And while he still has energy to be bouncy all day long, if he didn't have a good night, I feel a bit like a zombie when my sleep is constantly interrupted.
And while I understand that food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle, a little something to keep me awake and more energetic, is always welcome.

Pros: No artificial colours or preservatives, caffeine free, gluten free, sodium free. Each tablet comes at 15kcal. The tubes are handy to carry with you, so they are perfect for getting a boost of energy on the go.

Cons? I presume it is never advisable to eat more than a recommended amount of glucose, but I don't know of any side effects.

I enjoyed testing the product and did find it helpful as a little perk me up product which allows me to recharge my batteries.
My only criticism which doesn't relate to the products themselves is that I really-really dislike the Gluco ads (not because the adult dolls are involved but because I find them very sad). In theory any ads are supposed to make you want to try or buy a product, if anything, these ads have an opposite effect on me. Yet it is a good product. I just think the creative team should rethink their ad campaign. What do you think?

Disclosure: I received a couple of Gluco products for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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