Thursday, 11 July 2013

Teapigs iced tea

Whenever we go to Italy in summer, we inevitably drink gallons of iced tea. My mother-in-law makes her own very zingy lemon tea, so tangy and sharp, it is a great refresher. We also buy iced tea in bottles, mostly in peach and lemon flavours. When Teapigs asked the bloggers to come up with a few ideas for serving iced tea, the first variety I made was inspired by our Italian holidays.

1. Darjeeling Earl Grey iced tea with lemon and apricots

Ingredients (makes about 4 glasses)
2 bags of Teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey
2 slices of lemon
freshly grated zest of 1/2 lemon
juice of 1/2 lemon
3 apricots (fresh)
2tsp sugar
Boil the water, add the teabags, sliced apricots and lemon, sugar, lemon juice and zest, bring to boil and leave on low for a couple of minutes. Let it cool.
Serve in glasses with ice cubes and lemon.

You get the classic flavours of Earl Grey (bergamot-citrussy and floral) with the fruity tones of apricots and the lemon adds a necessary zing.

2. Fruity Everyday Brew (English Breakfast)

2-3 bags of Teapigs Everyday Brew (English Breakfast)
slices of lemon
about 7 dried apricots
4 dried figs
a handful of dried cranberries and raspberries
a handful of dried pineapple
Lemon zest (in strips)
about 5 glasses of water
This drink has been inspired by the Russian compote drinks made with lots of dried fruit and berries, sweet and flavourful. First bring the water to boil and add all the fruit/berries, cook for about 15 minutes on low, add the teabags at the end. Drink cold.
My kids loved it. The colour is intense ruby red.

3. Darjeeling Earl Grey with Rooibos ice cubes

Teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey teabags (1 per person)
1 bag Teapigs Rooibos
Make a cup of Rooibos tea, once cold, pour in the ice cube tray and place it in the freezer. You will get flavoured pink ice cubes. Make tea as usual using Darjeeling Earl Grey, once cold, serve in glasses with the Rooibos tea ice cubes and a slice of lemon. When the ice melts, your Earl Grey will get infused with the Rooibos flavour.
Very refreshing.

I have opted for refreshing drinks that all the family could drink, but of course, if you fancy a drop of alcohol in your iced tea, go for it.


  1. just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

  2. sounds very refreshing, thanks for the tip xx

  3. The Darjeeling Earl Grey with Rooibos look absolutely delicious.
    On of my friend in Arizona mixes green tea and Rooibos,it tastes really delicous !

  4. The fruity everyday brew looks divine!

  5. Like the sound of the Fruity Everyday Brew (English Breakfast)